Do My Professional Hair Shears Need Sharpening and Maintenance?

It is good to ask this question before jumping right into sharpening your hair shears every time. Excess sharpening and servicing can damage the blades of professional scissors. Hair scissors only need sharpening when they are dull.

The hair experts say that rule of the thumb is to sharpen hair shears every after 700 cuts. It is important to keep shears clean and sharp; however, you must not over-do it. The sharpening requirements also change according to your working style.


Maintaining Hair Shears

Always clean the pair of scissors after a cut. Soak in a mild antiseptic solution and dry off with a clean towel. Hair shears may also be damaged due to harsh chemicals; avoid cutting hair which has leave-in conditioner or other chemicals on it.

Do not cut hair that has hair gel, hair spray or any other styling product on it. Cutting dry hair can also damage the sharpness of the scissors and reduce their life span. If the scissors are facing a hard time against chemicals and dry cutting at the salon you may require getting it sharpened soon.

The statistic of 700 cuts as prescribed by the hairstyling experts may vary according to the nature of your work. If the shears are utilized for layered and intricate cuts it may damage or clog up the hinges.

Apply a few drops of good quality scissor oil or lubricant to keep the hinges in good working condition. Drop the oil on the hinges and open the scissors multiple times to spread it evenly. Wipe away any excess oil dripping from the hinges. Store the scissors in a pouch and lay them horizontal in a safe place.

Do not lend your personal hair shears to anybody else; this is important for the safekeeping of the instruments. Check the tension level in the shears almost every day. Maintenance and upkeep is important because professional hair shears can be very expensive and cannot be bought every day.

Sharpening shears should be done only when desperately required. Whenever the scissors start to pull hair and make unimpressive cuts it means that sharpening is needed. Get the process done only by a reputed professional. Many people suggest that you do it yourself using a sharpening stone but it is better to opt for professional services.

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