Marouane Fellaini Afro Hairstyle

Marouane Fellaini is a 33 year old Belgian soccer player. He plays midfielder for both the Belgian National team and for Everton in the FA league. He is of Moroccan descent. He is not black, but many people have shown interest in the Marouane Fellaini afro hairstyle.

Marouane Fellaini afro hairstyle picture.
Marouane Fellaini afro hairstyle

This style is possible for him because he has naturally thick, curly hair. It is considered a natural style because he does not need to use products to hold his hair in place. However, there are a couple of things he must do to maintain the look.

The creation of an afro requires one to use a very wide toothed comb or pick. It is placed into his hair next to the scalp and used to comb hair straight out away from the head. One has to work in small sections in order to avoid damaging hair shafts. However, when complete, the hair stands out from the head in such a manner that it has the appearance of a ball when viewed from a distance.

Men with straight hair can achieve this style only if they apply a permanent to create the needed curls. Otherwise, their straight locks would take on more of a porcupine appearance if they were able to get the hair to stand out in this fashion. In addition, it would take a vast amount of gel or similar hair product to hold the hair in place once it was combed.

Photo of Marouane Fellaini curly afro hairstyle.
Marouane Fellaini hairstyle

The hairstyle is a natural one for him with his curls. It is a low maintenance style that really does not require any special products to hold in place or a lot of time spent refreshing the look during the course of a day. He simply uses a pick to tease the hair up away from the scalp and shape it in the morning and he is done.

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