Lukas Podolski Hairstyles

Lukas Podolski is a German soccer star. He was actually born in Poland, but raised in Germany. He plays Striker on the 1. FC Koln professional soccer team as well as being a member of the German National team.

Picture of Lukas Podolski buzz cut hair.
Lukas Podolski buzz cut hairstyle.

This is one of the lowest maintenance hairstyles it is possible to wear. The hair is left just long enough to lay down without a great deal of effort. There is really no need to even comb the hair. There is definitely no concern about needing any products to make the hair behave.

Photo of Lukas Podolski Ivy League haircut.
Lukas Podolski Ivy League haircut.

Many people refer to this cut as an Ivy League. Some call it a crew cut. Either way, the style was first created by the Yale rowing team. It has become very popular among both college and professional athletes as well as men in the military.

The only work that goes into maintaining this style is the need to have it trimmed about once a month. That is the average period of time it takes human hair to grow a half inch.

This style is an excellent choice for athletes. It is short enough to keep the hair completely clear of the eyes so that vision is unimpeded. It is also much cooler than longer hair and allows perspiration to evaporate more readily, making it easier to cool the body down.

The Lukas Podolski hairstyle is one of the lowest maintenance styles available. It serves multiple useful purposes for athletes and is quite popular. This style is also accepted by military regulations and is popular with military men. No combs, brushes, or products are needed to maintain this style. One must simply make frequent trips to the barber shop for a trim to keep the hair short.

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