Josh Duhamel Long Crew Cut In Transformers Movies

Photo of Josh Duhamel 'Lennox' long crew cut.

Josh Duhamel was playing Major Lennox in the Transformers. To portray the soldier well in the movies, he cut his hair shorter. There are certain tips and tricks needed to have a style as fresh as his shorter strands. There is no limit to the number of people that the actor can impress with his sexy hairstyle.

One of the tricks to the actor’s hair in the movie is that it is longer than the other classic crew cut. This version is still tapered and short in the sides and the back like the traditional style, but there is something special added on top. The character “Lennox” in the movie has more to show off than the traditional look.

The second trick is the top of the hair gets a textured look and can be styled any which way. His hair is thick and can be textured a little bit using thinning shears. The actor’s hair is combed forward to bring attention to his cute face.

Using a quality gel is essential when trying to achieve the same styling as is seen in motion pictures. The short hairstyle is a sexy look that has not been seen on a lot of American actors, but is gaining popularity because of its success.

Photo of Josh Duhamel 'Lennox' long crew haircut in the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
Josh Duhamel haircut in the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

The style of the Josh Duhamel longer crew cut in Transformers movies relies on the right haircut and styling gel. The only way to get a style as hot as his is to start with the optimum length of well maintained hair. Cutting or growing out your strands to be the right length is an easy way to achieve the look.

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