Jensen Ackles Short Hairstyles

Jensen Ackles Hairstyles
Jensen Ackles short hairstyle

For some ‘short and chic’ rule, and Jensen Ackles surely tops the list preferring to keep his hair simple, short and stylish. This Supernatural’s hottie with an unscathed face and tough-guy looks, makes every woman’s heart racing as he appears on screen.

What turns the guy more endearing is his strong attitude and swank hairdo. With a huge fan following all over and oodles of accolades for his acting skills, Jensen Ackles is certainly a good competition for many guys on the block.

Jensen Ackles (right) with Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki (left).

Contrary to his co-actor Jared in Supernatural (with a few movies in his kitty), Jensen Ackles seems to show up a little less in the movie circuit preferring to appear more on the small screen. While most of us wonder why the camera loves him, the secret lies in his long association with the lens.

The Texas lad, started off with his modeling assignments at the tender age of 4 and went on to become a physical therapist before he switched to acting. With his likeness for the television right from the start, he chose to appear in guest role for quite a few highly watched soaps.

However, he got noticed as Eric Brady in Days of our Lives and even won the Best Male Newcomer title in 1998 Soap Opera Digest Award. Considering his looks on this show, Jensen Ackles wears a neatly parted short hairdo with bangs falling on his temple.


Jensen Ackles Fohawk Style

Jensen Ackles faux-hawk
Jensen Ackles faux hawk (fohawk) hairstyle

Jensen Ackles fohawk hairstyle

Jensen Ackles' style

Ackles appeared as a bad guy in Dark Angel and was truly lovable (even though his bag guy image) for his stunning looks and an unkempt short hairstyle. However, the actor prefers to put on the Fohawk look quite often, making his thin mane go up in a forward motion. As Dean in Supernatural, Jensen Ackles again keeps it short, though he is frequently seen switching from his spiky cut to side shaved look.

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  2. When I Look For The First Pic Hairstyle I Type In The Search Bar “mens quiffs” and hair like From Grease Pops Up.Is There Another Name For It?

  3. first you have to have straight hair like jensen and me :P…then, to get the look in the 4th picture, you simplyget your sides a #2 shave and on top you cut your hair with scissors up to 2cm and you use your both hands to form the fauxhawk

    also if you have softer hair like me, you’re better with some pomade or sculpting gel. 😉

    btw i’m romanian and had my hair cut like jensen’s just yesterday with the difference i had my sides shaved #3, but i didn’t inspired from him iy simply turned out like this.

    p.s. congrats for this site, admin.

  4. For pictures 1 to 3, what number is that with the electric razor? I am curious just like Anonymous regarding what to tell the hair stylist?! Somebody please help us haha

  5. Ive tried to do this haircut many times and i have it now but i cant style it correctly…what does someone suggest i use(product). I cant get my hair to move foward and spiked up. Most of the time that i add product it ends up just weighing down my hair and my hair ends up flat on top…Help!! lol

  6. like i said, i advise you to use pomade or sculpting gel if you wabt to form a fauxhawk, it very simple really 😉

  7. anonymous for the picture u talked about the 4th one is the 4th picture ur talking about the last pic or the one thats short on sides and spiked in front

    ignore my other comment

  8. well for the first picture you simply tell him to have your sides shaved #3 and with scissors on top as long as you want them (in the picture is about 8 cm) and use some mousse or gel(preferably) to direct your hair like ther if your hair isn't a little wavy

    for the 3rd one i would say #3 on the sides also and about 3-5 cm on top and then use some product to form the fohawk with both hands 😉

  9. just print of this pcture and show it to your hairdresser then tell them any modifications you want that is what i am going to do

  10. What technique do you use with the gel or promade to get it to stand up. DO you do it when it's wet or dry? I can never get anything consistant.

  11. the key is when you shower, wash body but not hair, #two on the side 4cm on top

    if you use product, use the Spike Sculpting Glue, works wonders and doesn't build up.

    It takes a little practice, but with a little time, you got it 🙂

  12. if you want to style your hair to look like the first picture you need to get some pomade like people have said. The best thing to do would be to bring in a picture and ask the barber to put pomade right after he or she cuts it (they will have their own btw so im not saying you have to bring it in) watch how they do it.

    If you need an explanation (i style my hair like this every day) …

    you take about 3 peas worth of pomade and spread it across the ends of your fingers so they are basically all covered with a thin coat. start at the base of your "bangs" and work your fingers back into your head and up a little bit.the key is the get the base of the hair because that will help it keep shape the best. once you have done this you can tell the the hair is stiffer but still very malleable. at this point its up to you to form it to your liking. i bet you could find a vid on youtube if you are still confused

  13. hey i need some help. i want to get my hair cut like the 4th pic from the top the one where he has a faux hawk and is acing sideways. what would i tell the hair dresser to do?

  14. Not a hair comment, but one concerning incorrect information. Jensen was NEVER a physical therapist. Had he not gone into acting, he would have gone to college for sports medicine/physical therapy. I think the writer of this article confused the info.

  15. To style the hair, some sort of hair GLUE is the best, it allows you to sculpt the hair with à forward motion without looking greasy.

  16. Help, I have really straight and hard to control hair so when I cut my hair too short it stands at the ends. No matter how much product I use on my hair, it stands up. What do I do?


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