Jack Barakat Hairstyles

A Jack Barakat hairstyle may be the perfect look for you. However, there are several styles that he uses. You might need spiky hair or perhaps a layered razor cut. Maybe you want something a little on the wild side with an unkempt look. Here are ways that you can achieve these looks.

Photo of Jack Barakat hairstyle.
Jack Barakat spiky hairstyle.

If you would like spiky hair and this is your first attempt, start with clean hair. Some men prefer to work with wet hair, as they claim it is easier. It is best to use a good picture of the hair that you plan to duplicate. Notice how the spikes appear and approximately where they are located.

Photo of Jack Barakat with streaked hair.
Jack Barakat with streaked hair. Photo via alltimelowphotos.tumblr.com

Photo of Jack Barakat with shaggy hair.
Jack Barakat with shaggy hair.

Photo of Jack Barakat with with Alex Gaskarth.
Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat. Photo via alltimelowphotos.tumblr.com

Your hair needs to be fairly long and shaggy looking for the best results. You should try a comb with wide teeth to keep a shaggy appearance. Gently work wax or styling gel where you think you need it.

Hair wax should wash out easily, so if you make mistakes you can simply try it again. You also may wish to have someone assist you with this. Enlist a helper who has some knowledge on hair and styling, to insure good results.

A razored layer cut can look great on a man if it is done right. However, you should not try this on yourself. A professional hair person will do a good job and you will not have to worry about mistakes. All you need to do is make an appointment and bring in some pictures of what you want to look like. A good stylist can easily duplicate most looks.

If you want to have a Jack Barakat hairstyle, think shaggy or spiky. Spiky can be done at home, but it is still good to have help. For a good razor cut, you should use someone that has a lot of training and experience with hair. This will help you look your best.

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