Hunter Parrish Hairstyles

Fans of the clean-cut, celebrity star Hunter Parrish are recognizing the Weeds actor for his array of versatile and stylish haircuts. With the wide range of Hunter Parrish hairstyles, one may certainly find a cut suitable for face shape and according to preferred maintenance requirements.

When selecting a celebrity style, it is important to select the cut on the basis of suitability and the ability to maintain the desired appearance.


Short Hairstyle

Photo of Hunter Parrish short hairstyle.
Hunter Parrish short hairstyle.

The young actor has recently been spotted with a shorter and straighter hairdo for more of a formal appearance. This option is great for men with shorter locks and is considered the perfect style for creating sex appeal. It may be obtained by cutting hair closer to the head around the back and sides while leaving the top slightly longer in which desired styling may be obtained using product for texture as well as shape.

The short styles often require regular trimming, around a 4 to 6 week intervals on average, to keep tresses looking neat. It is suitable for men with various facial shapes and a fine to thicker texture of hair. Make use of wax as a styling product and pull back longer hair on top of the head while flattening the back and sides to achieve the formal look.


Shaggy Bed-Head Hairstyle

Previous styles the trendy celebrity has sported include the classic bed-head. This option is suitable for various shaped faces as well as straighter hair textures however, is a particularly popular choice amongst younger generations.

For men with thinner tresses, it is important to make use of volumizing products to create the required texture whereas thicker locks could benefit from layering to reduce the dense texture and weight.

Picture of Hunter Parrish shaggy bed-head hairstyle.
Hunter Parrish shaggy bed-head hairstyle.

The bed-head is considered a cool and messy look and is relatively easy to maintain. It is a suitable style for men with medium length locks and may be created in a short period of time, which makes for an option that is simple to maintain.

Apply styling products to hair and run your fingers through the strands in order to mold into the desired style while making sure that a minimal amount of product is used to avoid weighing down of hair.

Hunter Parrish hairstyles are suitable for a wide variety of facial shapes as well as hair textures. Determine which style is most suitable for personal preference and the ability to regularly maintain the cut. Set the trend with the versatile celebrity haircuts and create a unique style by adding a personal touch.

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