How to Do A Hair Consultation with Your Hairstylist

A hair consultation is the best way for you to ask & communicate with your hairstylist and is the most important role that you will play at the salon. It is also the only real control that you will have in determining the outcome.


Tips for Hair Consultation

Tips for Hair Consultation with hairstylist

Deciding a new hairstyle or hair color change is the really hard part. Why? Because there is no guarantee from a salon that you will get a new best style for you & you will like it. There is no trial-and-error method of cutting hair.

And it should be done before you begin any type of hair service at the salon. It’s recommended that you should always ask an experienced hairstylist before choosing a new hairstyle.

consulting haircut with stylist

When making an appointment for a consultation, ask to have it at a quiet time when your stylist can give you their full attention. It takes only a few minutes, don’t settle for a rushed talk as this is where problems and misunderstandings can occur.

You will need to give your stylist the following information for a successful consultation:

  1. Pictures of what you do like and don’t like (on your own photo preferably). This is the most important. By showing your stylist pictures there can be no misunderstanding between you both and they can’t say that they thought you meant something else or insist that you told them something else and then changed your mind. If you have no idea about hairstyles you like, you should research yourself. Spend a little time to look at hair magazines and hairstyles collection.
  2. A little bit of information about yourself, about the occasion, your needs, and your capability to maintain your hair
  3. Let your stylist know your face shape, hair texture, & skin tone
  4. Information about your hair’s recent history. Things such as colors done and other chemicals used that could adversely affect the outcome of your hairstyle and hair’s condition
  5. Any past bad hairstyling experiences

hair consultation for men

You, in turn, must be prepared to listen to your hairstylist’s advice and remember to ask any questions such as:

  • Does it suit my personality?
  • Does it suit my face shape?
  • How about the ability to maintain it?
  • What works with my hair texture?
  • How the new color may affect my skin tone?

To get a head start on your own hair consultation, try free online consultations:

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