Henry Cavill Hairstyles

Henry Cavill is a young British actor best known for several film roles. These include “Immortals, “The Count of Monte Cristo”, and “Stardust”. The actor also played the first Duke of Suffolk in the series about the Tudors which aired on Showtime. T

his actor has been cast in the leading role of the upcoming Superman movie, scheduled for 2013. Here are some details about Henry Cavill hairstyles.

Photo of Henry Cavill hairstyle.
Henry Cavill hairstyle.

The actor is a Channel Islands native, born in 1983. He has been active in the industry since 2001. In addition to the well-received roles he has played previously, the actor has had a number of near misses for significant roles. He has been seen in various hair designs that are appropriate for the roles which he has played, or will play.

Photo of Henry Cavill combed back hairstyle.
Henry Cavill combed back hairstyle.

A curly style appears to be natural and recent look for the actor. His hair is medium length, but arranged in a way that is not flattened against the head. Instead, his hair is loosely arranged to move back from the face in a tousled style.

The same look can be achieved in others by starting with styling gel worked through the strands that are then lifted and tossed up and out from the scalp. This look is combined with a hint of facial hair growth for a balanced appearance.

Picture of Henry Cavill curly hairstyle.
Henry Cavill curly hairstyle.

An earlier version of his style features strands that are approximately the same length, but are smoother and less tousled.

Image of Henry Cavill buzz cut hairstyle.
Henry Cavill buzz cut hairstyle.

He also appears with buzz cut hairstyle. The cut emphasizes the slight widow’s peak that he wears. A smoother design is paired with softer facial hair to again achieve a balanced overall appearance.

Regardless of the choice of Henry Cavill hairstyles that you prefer, they are attractive. They are also age appropriate. For those men who do not want to spend additional time in the stylist’s chair, the daily care is relatively simple and fast. Trims do not have to be as frequent as with some other styles.

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