Top 10 Groom Hairstyles That’ll Make You Look Perfect

A suit, shoes, a tie… Usually, grooms care only about their style. However, style involves a harmonious combination of details of appearance. Sophisticated men’s wedding hairstyles will set the final chord in creating the perfect look! Hair is the business card of a man.

groom hairstyle


Groom Hairstyle Ideas

Are you ready for bold experiments? Or do you prefer your usual look? Anyway, take a look at these groom hairstyle options.

1. Classic

This is the most popular style of hair styling. The length of hair for such an image shouldn’t be more than 5-8 cm. The styling is quite simple: it is enough to slick hair right or left. A similar approach to the hairstyle adds to the image of a groom restraint and masculinity. For a similar hairstyle, any face shape will suit. Something similar is used in the image of successful men


2. Retro

To do a retro haircut, it is necessary to be an owner of medium hair length. This style looks harmonious with bright accents in the whole image of a man. Varnished shoes, a special unusual cut of a wedding suit, a bright tie can be an addition to the harmonious image. If the celebration is planned to be held in the style of the 20th century, then the image of Elvis Presley with such a haircut will look appropriate.


3. Extravagance

For bright and creative young people, an eccentric and extravagant image will be an excellent option. According to planetofbrides, most bride love this hairstyle. The combination of different lengths and hair styling can look very enchanting. For example, short cropped hair at the back of the head and elongated bangs on a forehead.


4. Short and simple

This hairstyle will be suitable for conservatives who don’t want to make radical changes in their image. Such haircuts are perfectly combined with a wedding suit. In this case, the image of a groom looks universal and restrained.


5. Asymmetric

Asymmetrically trimmed hair with a base in the form of a classic haircut is perfect for grooms who are self-sufficient and self-confident. This hairstyle looks great on thick, smooth hair of a dark shade.


6. Military

This haircut will not leave the fashion wave. It looks like a medium length hair sticking out on top. Most often, its styling is done by experienced specialists, since it is important to create carelessly protruding hair.  But if you want to do it by yourself, then use a special gel – hair should be lifted from the roots and fixed. A neatly shaved beard will give an additional effect to such a hairstyle.


7. The English Gentleman

This charming hairstyle has gained popularity. This is the favorite haircut of treacherous seducers. It is suitable for different age men and any type of hair. This hairstyle looks great on wavy strands. If you have curly hair, you can slick them back and surprise everyone with your style!


8. Glamour

This hairstyle doesn’t lose its popularity as well. This is a perfect hair styling when not a single hair sticks out, and the top of the head is slightly raised and voluminous, combined with shaved temples. It will add confidence to any man.


9. Undercut

undercut groom hair

The variants with shaved temples and nape and elongated hair at the top become more and more popular. This is a completely innovative hairstyle for grooms in 2024. This style implies a slight carelessness and originality.

But you should try this option about two months before a wedding because it suits not everyone. If a man is mature, then he shouldn’t shave off temples and the back of his head very much. Young people can afford the asymmetry on the shaved part. This is an interesting option for an informal youth wedding.


10. Short pompadour

It can be said that this is an alternative to undercut – a more classic and neat version. In this case, temples are also shaved but slightly. Bangs and the top remain long (but men often do asymmetrical bangs with this hairstyle). It is suitable for conservatives and classic weddings. Until now, a man in a suit with a smooth haircut is one of the most exciting images for women. Therefore, smooth, straight hair, brushed back or to the side will complement a wedding suit. If this haircut suits you, it is quite reasonable to stop at it.

On such a solemn day, newlyweds must look harmoniously together, complementing the images of each other. A groom must take care of his own image, suit, shoes, and hairstyle as well as a bride takes care of her dress, shoes, styling, makeup, and the venue of the ceremony.

For this reason, it is worthwhile for a man to think through his image in detail and coordinate it with a bride. It is important to remember that the issue of choosing a wedding hairstyle can’t be approached too meticulously. Hair should look natural, well-groomed and neat, without disguised bald patches. Maximum solidity can be achieved by the elegance that doesn’t attract too much attention to itself. This approach will be considered the best.