How To Use A Flat Iron On Mens Short Hair

Flat irons have become an increasingly popular tool especially when it comes to creating those much desired salon hairstyles. This option is a quick and convenient method for men with shorter and curly locks to achieve a sleeker and straighter look. How to use a flat iron on mens short hair involves selecting the correct type of device and implementing specific technique for the desired style.

These hairstyling tools have been designed to tame curly or wavy locks for a manageable approach to styling as well as for the creation of straighter locks. More men with curlier hair have opted for using flattening irons instead of having to spend hours trying to manage their locks. This tool also allows for more hairstyle options as wavy and curly locks do not need to be kept extremely short in order to manage.

The tool was previously thought of as an exclusive product for women however, a large number of companies have manufactured specific flat irons for the male population. The correct selection of device is essential for shorter locks. Always select a tool with a smaller plate as this will make running the tool through tresses easier.

Look for a styling tool that delivers higher quality. Professional straighteners with ceramic or tourmaline plates are designed to protect locks from drying out and damage. These items will generally cost more in comparison to cheaper options however, will prevent tresses from appearing unhealthy. To do this tasks, I recommend SSmini Styling Iron: Professional Series model #1945.

Begin the styling process by washing your locks preferably using intense moisturizing products. Blow dry the tresses and apply a heat protecting serum after which you will comb each section out running through the strands with the straightener. Only run the tool over these sections for a few seconds.

For a spiked effect, comb the strands in the desired direction and support with the comb while running the device over this area. This is a great option for combining different sections of locks going upward and across for a trendy appearance. Always remember to comb out the sections of hair you wish to straighten.

Once you have achieved the desired look, be sure to rub a small amount of styling product such as wax through the strands for maintenance. Tips to use a flat iron on short hair includes the correct selection of straightener and parting of shorter locks while running the device through each section for desired outcome. Be sure to add product to the locks for protection and healthy appearance.

Watch the following video to learn how to use a flat iron on men’s hair.

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