Creating Art In The Hair With ZigZag Cornrows

Photo of zigzag cornrow hairstyle for black men.
zigzag cornrow hairstyle.

Cornrows are very small, tight braids in the hair that normally run in a straight line from front to back. However, there is no hard and fast rule for creating cornrows. For this reason, some have taken to creating art in their hair with zigzag cornrows.

Despite the name, “zigzag” is not the only direction cornrows of this type can take. In fact, the name applies to any hairstyle where the hair is cornrowed in any combination of directions other than straight lines. For example, some have chosen to create a patchwork of cornrows running at right angles to one another so that it looks like an aerial view of farmland.

Others have literally braided their hair into patterns similar to those found on ancient pieces of pottery. Some people braid their name or nickname into their hair. Still others do true zigzag work with their cornrows. There are no limits to the patterns that can be created if one has the time and patience to devote to braiding the hair.

Zigzag cornrows is just another way people have found to express their individuality. The truly interesting thing about it is that many can actually create a form of art when they braid the hair into these multi-directional cornrows. Pictures, words, patterns, and anything else a person can imagine can appear amongst the braids of hair.

Picture of cornrow hairstyle.
love word shape cornrow
Traditional cornrows are difficult enough to achieve and maintain. Zigzag cornrows take the practice to a whole new extreme. However, when one takes the time to braid the hair into the desired pattern and maintain it is possible to express one’s individuality and uniqueness in a way that can be clearly seen by the world. Whether one does simple zigzags, crop fields, words, or creates a complete work of art in the hair is matter of personal preference and devotion.

Photos of Zigzag Cornrow Hairstyles

image of zigzag cornrow.
zigzag cornrow braid

Picture of smooth zigzag cornrow hair.
smooth zigzag cornrow hair

Pic of cornrow braid hairstyle.
cornrow braid hairstyle

Photo of zigzag cornrow hairstyle for boys.
boys zigzag cornrow hairstyle

Photo of beaded cornrow hairstyle.
beaded cornrow

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