Oliver Sykes Hairstyle

Oliver Sykes is the lead singer of the band Bring Me the Horizon, a deathcore band from England. He is also well-known for his adorable emo/scene hair that adored by girls.
He has straight hair that razored at the ends. The sides and back have been kept at shoulder level, and the bangs have been swept to the side at eyebrow level.


  • you ever listen to this band? they will rip your face off they’re so crazy good. his hair is pretty beast too.

  • Russ.. you are a complete f**k head. You must be jealous to get that angry about a hair style. Grow up, although you’re probably going bald at the age of 20.

  • russ mate your another chavy wanker who must hate long hair and awesome bands cause they balding and just have no concept or creativity or originality simple as bitch suck it!

  • shhh. stop making fun of emo people. thier already close enough to the edge of ending thier lives without hurtful comments.

  • yeah f*ck you guys that dont like his hair it is the beast i have hair vitualy exactly the same altough i do need it cut nd didnt know bout this guy i onli just researched him lol oh nd didnt guy name russ make some pathetic prank fone calls the other day guess ther all the same. and u paul ! and any 1 else that has anthing bad to say about this band you just need grow up a bit and widen ur music taste and youll find out that as you get older itll happens anyway.

  • bring me the horizon sound like a cat being stabbed to death, sorry to all their fans but that’s my opinion and i’m sure there’s a lot of people who agree with me

  • good band, and good hair. but tbf ive met him too many times through a girl that used to live near him. he is an arrogant twat and is in love with himself. makes good music tho.

  • my band played a show with them and we got mad drunk together, oli is bomb shit. but so are all the other guys too, if you gonna be hating then don’t comment, why would you even be looking then.

  • Ahh Bmth Gotta love em,,, fukk wat peope think they cant say that they aint jealous of his tats & his hair. I love him. yee….. Hes rad as. <3

  • Oliver Sykes Is Amazing
    i believe person below , must have a pathetic look 😀 .
    oliver sykes is amazing, i believed anyone who says he is sh*t and looks ‘pathetic’ should go to specsavers and gain some new glasses or buy some because you are obviously not able to see properly . 😀 .

  • 2 the one at the top . i love your hair and with your eyes it makes you look like i could just kiss you and not wont to stop…


  • yeah, he may not take himself seriously but that’s why he’s so awesome. People do it for him. and his band’s recent stuff kicks heavy butt, more than the naysayers and posers that have nothing better to do than post negative comments on other people’s stuff. what kind of life do you have looking around posting negative crap on people’s sites. what kind of a loser are you, balding 20-30 something that lives with his mom.

  • Hey guys its me Oli
    One of my friends was browsing and told me about this place i just figured id leave a comment

    If u havent heard our album u need to even if u dont like our kind of stuff!

    oh and btw my hair… well really it was kind of an accident getting it to look like this but i like it this way and ill prolly keep it like this for a while

    Keep the comments comin though guys

    • Is this really oli, if it really is please reply back imonly 14 that wpuld be te biggeat thing that happend to me

  • lol… im a lozer.. i read like a billion of these comments!!!….im mad ppl get so hype over trivial *ss sh*t.. stfu…–pro choice–

  • Isn’t this about the hair and not about the Band? His hair is good, not for buisnessmen but for others it is.

  • why is anyone ragging on what other people enjoy? i love Bring me the Horizon, just cuz i like it doesnt mean you have to make fun of me, or diss my opinion, i dont make fun of other people for listening to country or hip hop or rap, even tho i dont care for it, so keep your rude, or hurtful opinions to yourself cuz i take it offensively when people make fun of my music

  • umm… i think his hair is pretty amazing. i mean, thats why i have hair like his. i mean why not right? girls just sit around and throw themselves at me.

  • for me oliver is the hottest boy for me. err
    , i would choose him over my boyfriend. hhaha
    aye aye oliver,
    love you oliver

  • i dont particularly get into tinker bell hair cuts for the sole purpose of the “scene” trend….but he’s a hell of a stage owning front man in a brutal band…any negative comment has to come from the stubbornly ignorant or nieve…..you and the boyz do your thing and get to greensboro soon!

  • i didn’t like his music, i would prefer for suicide silence, condemned, or dead carnations, but i think that boys is quite cute…

  • hi, ive never met Oli Sykes in person so i don't know wat he acts like,but if he does act like you say he does,it makes him all the more hardcore, and anyways who isnt in it for the fame?band members might say theyre in it for the music and they dont care bout the fame,but they say that to look good, Oli is real, raw and still the greatest screamer ive ever heard of, and btw i doubt his tattoos arent real, i mean who wouldnt want those amazing tattoos all their life?

    anyways the real reason i commented was that i wanted some tips on how to keep my hair like Oli's. My hair is dark brown and the back and sides are almost to my shoulders, my fringe is long enough to put in my mouth. The only problem i have is to keep my forehead from showing where my hair is parted. Im talking bout that upside down V that you get wen you part your hair, i dont want that.I sometimes manage to keep my bangs at eyebrow level like his but the second i flick my hair the parting goes back the way it was and my forehead shows again -_- Wat should i do to keep it like Oli's? should i cut my fringe?
    pls help thnx <3

  • Sam, my hair is for the most part just like Oli's the best thing to do is to have the fringe cut to like the middle of your eye and sweep it to the side

    My friends always tell me i look like him so i decided to get my hair cut like his for shits and giggle lol but i do love it 🙂

  • Bring Me The Horizon is an amazing band. I am so pumped to see them in Chicago on 9.9.09! I really just want to know how to get Oli's bangs, so if someone could help me out with that it would be much appreciated. Not so much the cut, more the style.

  • well we all have our own opinions, no point in putting someone down cos their different, especially if you dont know them because either way, they dont give a shit, they wouldnt have gotten it done if they themselves didnt like it. i love olis hair >:D trying to style a "girl" version of it. i wouldve thought this dude is a total prick ages ago without even listening to some tunes but im not a douchebag so im not! 😀

  • I think his hair is quite lovely nowadays, I think when it was shorter it was a bit harsh but now that its grown out a bit and of a more natural colour it looks amazing!

  • got alot of time for bmth, awesome band…..however after meeting sykes on a few occasions i can honestly say he is the most arrogant and rude person i have ever met, no time for him but lots of time for his hair!!

  • omg fuk u bitch !!
    oliver skykes is fukn sexy
    ur pathetic postn tht on this shxt
    oliver sykes is fukkn sexy !
    and his hair is amazing

    ur just jelouse

  • I personally think that Russ has probably stopped reading these posts since he posted his over a year ago…
    As for Oli Sykes…yes, he is hot.
    As for BMTH…yes, they are amazing…
    WERE amazing til they came out with their Suicide Season mainstream shit with his horrid "yell-scream".
    They have become waaaay too mainstream.
    I'll stick to my underground metal any day.
    Not to say I won't see them when my friend books them here next year but still.
    Much love-Miranda G.


  • russ ur the peice of sh*t y would u even be on this website looking at his pics if u hate him
    ur just jealous hes cooler than u will evr be in 5 lifes

  • lol, you mean Bring Me The Hairspray? Oli has cool hair. but, tbh, bmth isn't good. haha. I've ate pizza and shit out things that sounded better. sure, he can scream. but, anyone can hump an instrument. haha. when you say a band is good, or beast. you are implying that they are talented. in which bmth is not. sure, they have enjoyable music. but, they are not talented.
    Cool hair again, btw.

  • I read half the comments before i HAD to right a comment, some of you are saying you dont like the band or you dont like Oli well i can understand searching Bmth Or Oli out of hate but if you hate them that much why the actual f*ck did you search about Oli's hair? idiots. If you dont like something dont get obssessed with it kthanxbye.

  • look bring me the horizon are a good band but no1 ollie takes far to much credit, there metalcore not deathcore and there not hugley brutal, if u have ever listen to crap like brutal death metal thts insane 🙂 his kool though

  • wow, you are all VERY mature, this is a page about getting hair like Oli's, are you all really comment arguing about him?

  • Awww how cute people poking fun at oli via comment lmfao grow the f*ck up you say his musics not hard sure i listen to wayy harder stuff but they're in their 20s pretty damn good if I say so they hav wicked music and awesome hair I love the tattoos and I love the band if you don't like them why would you bother viewing it your dramatic you like starting shit all you "men" should be on the bad girls club hahahahha! (I'm a girl by the way)

  • omg everybody who insulted bmth and oli should stfu,, if yu dont like his haiir or music why are yu on this site…and oli is gorgeous,,and im a DUDE p.s.im defintely not gay either

    <3 OLIVER

  • The description of his hair is pretty vague and obvious to anyone who actually takes the time to look at his hair.. The descriptions do not tell us how to get that hair. no, it really doesn’t. besides the fact that you told us he razors his hair, we already know everything else.. We can tell that his bangs are at eyebrow length and shoulder length. duh.

  • Hey, I have the same cut pretty much, and im far from emo. instead of cutting myself i cut little “z’s” in others foreheads, or just set them on fire. as far as it goes for emo girls i love them.

  • Oli’s 1 cool dude, his hair is pretty awesome, too. The band itself is damn awesome! Huge fan. Stop criticising people because of their hairstyle or the type of music their band plays, it doesn’t make u a better person if u do! Peace n much love 2 u, oli!

  • nice hairstyle. at the moment i have it cut similar. My hair is natural wavy/curly depending own weather by humidity. But this is easier to maintain. All you need is soem good hairspray,wax ad a flat iron. I takes me normally 20 minutes to stlye. By striaghtening and product and last em 7 hours. Im not stylist but i got tips from websites and soem stylist. So of anytihng you sjut need a ncie flat iron and hairspray for hold but to give a messy look et wax o0r fel. But wax works best.

  • I hate how if you have long hair its considered and “emo style” like no I have long hair and I’m not emo. And If you care more about his hair than the Music he makes than Get out cos you’re obviously not a true fan,

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