How To Re-Twist Men’s Dreads the Right Way

Many people believe that dreadlocks require no care whatsoever to maintain. This could not be farther from the truth. Putting the hair into this style takes a deliberate act and a good bit of maintenance. One point to watch is the base of the hair as it grows out. It does not always dread itself. This is why it is important to know how to re-twist dreads.

retwist dreads


Get The Right Stuff

The first step is to secure the proper equipment and products. Most use a powerful gel to provide the needed hold to last until the hair becomes dreaded on its own. A rat tail comb can be useful to tease the hair and get it to tangle in the manner that is needed to produce dreadlocks. Bobby pins or hair clips may also prove useful.


Beginning the Twists

The easiest method of re-twisting them is to apply gel at the base of one dread and twist it in a single direction until the hair is pulled into the original lock. Next, using both hands, rub the hair between the palms back and forth to tangle it until the base of the hair joins into the original dread smoothly.


Progress to the next lock and repeat this process. Continue until all of the locks have been twisted and combined. It may become necessary to have a friend or family member assist with those in the back that cannot be seen.


You can also:

Use a rat tail comb to tease the hair at the base of each lock and tangle it so that it joins into the original dread. Again, it will be necessary to apply gel before combing to hold the hair in place. Put hair clips or bobby pins in the hair where the base of the hair that has been twisted joins the original lock. Continue on to the next one.


Allowing it to set

Leave the pins or clips in place for a minimum of 24 hours. It is a good idea to wear a satin cap to sleep in so that the hair does not tangle in an unwanted fashion. Remove the pins the following morning and wash the hair gently to remove all product. If the process was completed correctly, the hair will remain dreaded all the way to the scalp.



If neither of these methods seems doable, one might want to consider going to a salon to have the locks professionally re-twisted. This has the added advantage of assurance that the styling professional will use the proper products and minimize the damage to the hair, which can be a problem for some working on their own hair.

dreadlock men

Knowing how to re-twist men’s dreads can prove to be a handy skill for those choosing to wear this hairstyle. It can also save money over time by allowing one to work on his own hair at home rather than having to pay a stylist. It might prove useful to have another person available to assist with the back of the hair that can not be seen.


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