Ziggy Marley Long Dreadlock Hairstyle

Photo of Ziggy Marley long dreadlock hair.
Ziggy Marley long dreadlock hair. Photo by .

Ziggy Marley is the oldest son of Reggae great, Bob Marley. His full name is David Hartman Jesse Weiland Nesta Marley. His father gave him the nickname, Ziggy, which translates as “Little Joint”. Marley is the lead singer of the band, The Melody Makers, consisting of himself and his siblings.

Ziggy follows a long tradition among Reggae artists and followers of the Rastafari movement, a lifestyle that centers around the lifestyle of smoking cannabis. This is wearing his hair in dreads. One major difference is that he has allowed his locks to grow until they nearly reach his knees.

Picture of Ziggy Marley dreadlock hairstyle.
Back view of Ziggy Marley dreadlock hairstyle.

Creating the dreads was a simple matter of teasing the hair until it tangled and became matted. Teasing is done by combing the hair backward from the tips of the scalp.

As the locks grew out, he had to twist the new growth into the existing locks. This was done by selecting the nearest lock or the one that the hair was already a part of and teasing and twisting the hair from the existing lock back to the scalp. You can also try other dreadlock styles.

Contrary to what some people believe, he does not simply refuse to wash his hair. The truth is that this is a very high maintenance hairstyle. The one thing that is not done is to make an attempt to remove the tangles. He does, however, need to use conditioner to keep the hair from being damaged and breaking off.

The Ziggy Marley long dreadlock hairstyle is one that takes a great deal of time and care to maintain. It does not require any particular effort or product to refresh during the day, but the hair requires a lot of care in order to keep it healthy enough to grow to this length and support its own weight without breaking.

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  1. Personal pet peeve: The Rastafari lifestyle is a peaceful lifestyle accepting all beings as one family under the title of Human race. It views all people as equal and has respect for everyone’s liberties (such as smoking herb). Herb is used within the lifestyle IT IS NOT the center of the lifestyle. That is just an ignorant misconcetion

  2. i need advices and tips i am mixed and i have tried different way for dreads unfortunately that i have “scalp issues” it affecting me when i am using any hair product like jamaican mango lime or beeswax it affecting my scalp being dandruff and build up scalp tissue it cause me itchy and bleeding i have used the mango lime medicated itchy spray it seems none working on me so what did i go wrong i only washed my dread once a month can u give me ideas and tips ?????

  3. Some dread styles require lots of care. However real dreadlocks don’t, unless you want to keep the roots separate. I really doubt he is interlocking them or even teased the hair to start. Hair will naturally dread on its own.

    If Capone vick ever comes back, wash your hair man, every other day. Just because you have dreads doesn’t mean you can’t wash them. The cleaner they are the better they act.


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