Willi One Blood Blonde Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Photo of Willi One Blood.

Willi One Blood is an American reggae singer with dreadlocks hairstyle. The hairstyle is possible for people of all ethnic backgrounds, even those with blond hair. To begin, your hair will need to be at least three inches in length. Since human hair grows one inch every two months, your longest investment in the style may be growing hair to the minimum length, especially if you have been sporting a shaved head.

The key to dreads is having one’s hair very clean in the beginning. The natural oils along with residue from shampoo can prevent the hair from matting as the wearer would desire. Once the dreads develop, they will need to be washed every three to four days to maintain the style and keep the hair and scalp healthy.

To develop the look, it is necessary to divide one’s hair into one inch sections using hair bands. Remove the band and back comb toward the scalp. Once the hair has bunched up, it is secured at the individual’s scalp and at the tip using two bands.

Dread wax is used to help hold hair in place. A very small amount is applied to each dread in a rolling and twisting motion. It tends to make the sections of hair smaller and smoother.

To achieve the matted look, dread wax can be applied and the dreads rolled daily. If the person’s hair is long enough, braiding and leaving the braids in place can also achieve the look. Wax should be applied after washing the head.

Photo of Willi One Blood dreadlocks hairstyle.

Photo of Willi One Blood' album: Whiney, Whiney.

The hairstyle can be a way to express yourself and cheer your face up. With this look, you should not be “Whiney, Whiney” about your hair.

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