How To Shave Your Head With Electric Clippers

Did you ever wonder how to shave your head with electric clippers? While these will not cut as close as a razor, meaning that they will not shave one bald, it is possible to get an incredibly close cut if one does not put any of the combs on over the blades. In fact, using the clippers without the guards can trim the hair up so that it looks like a 5 o’clock shadow.

If you do not want to cut the hair this short, most clippers come with a set of combs of different lengths. All one has to do is determine the length of hair he wants and use the appropriate comb. In order to taper hair around the ears and on the back of the head, one must locate the taper comb, which gets shorter as it progresses from one side to another.

At least one mirror should be on hand, though one could manage without it by simply going over the head several times in every direction to ensure that no spots are missed. This is a good practice anyway, especially around cowlicks where the hair grows in every different direction.

In order to make the job easier, one should have two mirrors available so that he could see the back of his head. This is the only way to visually verify that no spots are missed in the back and that the cut is even all the way across.

Once the mirror(s) and clippers are gathered and ready to start, one should remove his shirt and drape a towel over the shoulders to catch the hair as it falls off the head. Put the chosen comb on the clippers and begin cutting from front to back.

After the entire head has been covered, repeat the process from left to right. Now reverse the clippers and go right to left, then back to front. After four passes in this manner, every inch of the head should have been covered thoroughly to so that all the hair is the same length.

Of course, tapering the area around the ears can only be done front to back and back to front and the back can only be done side to side. If there is not a second mirror available, one can use a rag to define the line on the back of the head to cut to. Hold the rag in place with one hand while cutting the area below the edge.

After the hair has been cut, one will need to take a shower to remove all the loose hair. It is recommended that a bar of soap be used to lather the head as loose hair will stick to it. Rinse and repeat this process until no more hair stays on the bar following the lathering process.

Learning how to shave your head with electric clippers can be both a lot of fun and profitable. One can cut his own hair and avoid having to pay for someone else to do so.

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