Ryan Eggold Messy Shaggy Hair Look – How To Get It

With an increasing popularity with the show 90210, the Ryan Eggold messy shaggy hair look has become greatly sought after. After all, the handsome star gets plenty of attention from the ladies, which is something that many males would love. Luckily the look is not that hard to achieve.

Photo of Ryan Eggold messy shaggy hair.
Ryan Eggold messy shaggy hair


Getting the Ryan Eggold Hairstyles

Getting the same style as the popular star is not really that difficult. Although he has stylists who are skilled at making people’s locks look fabulous, doing the same hairdo at home is not impossible. With plenty of practice, the same effect will be achieved.

The first step in getting those tresses just right is to get a good cut. This particular style requires a layered haircut. Any salon should be able to create layers.

Next, consider coloring. Stars with layers often choose to have highlights. This will take a bit of time, but the results are outstanding. Pick shades of brown and have blonde streaks added to complete the look.

After all that is done, it will be time to consider some hair products. Ask a stylist about which ones work the best. Most of the bed head looks require a wax.

Another important factor in styling locks is the tools. Blow dryers and flattening irons are vital to any of the newer looks. Read the instruction manuals before using the appliances. There are often handy tips and techniques included in the booklets.

After washing the tresses, rub them with a liberal amount of wax. Be sure to get the product close to the scalp. Blow-dry the locks while using fingers to comb through them. Fluff the bangs as the air goes over them. Do this until it is completely dry.

Picture of Ryan Eggold messy hairstyle.
Ryan Eggold messy hairstyle.

Achieving the Ryan Eggold messy hair look is quite easy. Simply get the right type of cut and purchase tools and products to complete the style. Everything will fall right into place and the ladies will love the way it looks.

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