Robin Van Persie Hairstyle

Photo of Robin Van Persie hairstyle.

Robin van Persie haircut has a neat appearance. It is short on the sides and longer on the top. The hair is shorter than a faux hawk, but longer than a crew cut.

You may wish to ask your barber or hairstylist for a long crew haircut with shape up on the sides. The shape up is usually trimmed up to the hair line. However, you should keep the front long enough, so it will stand up. Talk to your barber about shape up options. This cut can be mixed with many other kinds of styles.

After your hair is cut in a similar way to Robin Van Persie, you will need to use some styling gel or perhaps hair wax. Try to be conservative with the gel as you do not want to have a wet or “greased down” look. This is not very popular these days.

Wash your hair and towel dry. Next apply a small amount of gel or wax to your hands and rub it into the top of your hair. Starting from the back, comb the hair forward with a large tooth comb. Next, comb the front backward so it stands up.

Picture of Robin van Persie spiky hairstyle.
Robin van Persie spiky hairstyle.

Photo of Robin van Persie short hairstyle.
Robin van Persie short hair.

It is not too hard to have a Robin van Persie hairstyle. You will achieve best results if you discuss your needs with your hair person. In fact, you may wish to bring a picture of what you want.

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