How To Remove Back Neck Hair

One area of concern for most men is the hair on the back of the neck. The only ones who do not have to worry about this area are those that wear their hair very long. The rest of us have a need to keep this area trimmed and presentable. Otherwise, this area can become quite unruly and take on a tacky appearance. This is why all men need to know how to remove back neck hair.

Of course, the easiest method to deal with this area is to have someone else shave it for us. Barbers do this automatically when we get a haircut. However, stylists may not make this a routine practice. In addition, not all men want to visit the barber shop every two or three weeks. And, many of us do not have a significant other available to perform this task for us.

Ideally, one should be able to place a swing away mirror so that it faces the bathroom mirror. When ready to shave the back of the neck, one should stand facing away from the main mirror and position the swing away so that he can see the back of his neck reflected from the larger mirror. If access to a second mirror is impossible, one will have to trim this area strictly by feel, which can leave room for errors.

Electric clippers come in handy for this task. With no guard on the teeth, one should face the teeth toward the neck and cut a trim line right at the bottom of the hairline. This should be cut all the way across, leaving a sort of squared off edge. Next, one should reverse the position of the clipper and start at the base of the neck, moving the clipper up until the trim line is reached.

If clippers are not available or are not desired, one can accomplish this with a razor as well. The trim blade on the back of some razors is ideal for establishing the trim line. Once established, the razor should be used to cut the hair in the direction of growth, usually down. A bit of after shave lotion can help prevent irritation resulting from the shave.

As a final choice of how to remove back neck hair, some men choose to have this area waxed. This is because waxing removes the hair below the skin and makes it longer before one has to repeat the process. However, the disadvantage to waxing is that it is painful.

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