R. Kelly Hair Styles

Choosing the appropriate hair style that will give you the best look is not easy. The right choice will enhance your style. The celebrity lifestyle is full of glamour, leading to frequent hair style changes. R Kelly, popularly known for great hit songs like Hair Braider, has had a lot of hair styles. You can easily get an R. Kelly Hair style that will make you look good. The following are among his famous hairstyles.

R. Kelly cornrow hairstyle.

The Cornrow is among the best R. Kelly Hair style that has taken a very good outward appearance. This is the hairstyle the R. Kelly has stayed with for long period giving it different forms. This is a very basic hairstyle that is a form of a braid.

It is of African traditional descent whereby hair is groomed close to the scalp resulting in a continuous line from the start position. It is easy to do. He has managed to give it different blends with varying shapes. But no matter what color as well as artistic form that is applied to a cornrow hairstyle, it always comes out very good.

R. Kelly buzz haircut with rap industry standard beard.

Another very famous R. Kelly Hair style is the buzz haircut with rap industry standard beard where the beard outline his jawline into a pencil mustache.

R. Kelly clean-shaven-head.

He also appeared with a clean shaven hairstyle that he appeared with in most of his first songs like the ‘world’s greatest’ and ‘I believe I can fly’. This style is the simplest, all one has to do is to shave by using the proper shaving technique and maintain a clean head.

Maintenance is also necessary by applying a moisturizer to protect skin from the sun. R. Kelly also adopted the sisqo look whereby he dyed his hair, even his skinhead golden.

R. Kelly sisqo look.

A short hairstyle is also among his famous styles that he has been consistent in the recent past and currently. The cornrow R. Kelly Hair style is the most common of them all.

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