How To Prepare Hair To Be Dyed

Bad dye jobs have left more than one guy ready to pull his hair out. Even worse, some have caused the hair to fall out. One of the keys to ensuring the best possible outcome, when coloring the hair, is to see to it that it is properly prepared beforehand. Unfortunately, not all men know how to prepare hair to be dyed.

  • Those who plan to change their style as well as their color will need to see a barber or stylist and get a haircut. Even those who do not will need to have the ends trimmed. This will help to ensure that the hair is healthy and has no split ends.
  • It is a good idea to deep condition the hair before coloring. This is because hair dyes and bleaches are chemicals that can cause damage to the strands. Deep conditioning helps to ensure that the hair is as healthy as can be before coloring so that damage is minimized.
  • One should shampoo the day before coloring to remove all hair products and residues. However, shampoo also removes the hair’s natural oil, so should be avoided the day the hair is to be colored. This oil helps to protect the hair and the skin of the scalp from the dye.
  • It is essential that the hair be brushed thoroughly and all tangles removed before beginning the dying process. Tangles can lead to uneven coloring and light spots or dark spots. Trying to remove them later can also cause the strands to break off due to chemical damage.
  • The final step is to make certain that all materials that will be needed during the coloring process are set up and placed within easy reach. Getting into the middle of the process and finding that one needs something that is not readily available is very bad and could lead to leaving the chemicals in too long, which can damage or destroy the hair.

Learning how to prepare hair for dye is probably the most critical part of ensuring a satisfactory color job, especially when doing it oneself at home. The results of failure to properly prepare the hair can be catastrophic, often causing one to have to get a buzz cut or shave the head to eliminate a patchy appearance.

Even if not that extreme, failure can lead one to be completely unhappy with the results achieved and unable to change the color until the hair recovers from this coloring.

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