Paul Griffiths Trainwreck Hair

Paul Griffiths is the founder and CEO of BabyCakes Clothing. He started out while living with his parents and operating out of their home. Today, the business has grown to a revenue stream of over a million GBP per year. Here, we are going to take a look at the Paul Griffiths hairstyle.

Photo of Paul Griffiths trainwreck hairstyle.
Paul Griffiths trainwreck hairstyle.

Paul wears his hair in a style that is commonly called “trainwreck hair“. He has it shoulder length in back with a fade up to the base of his ears even with the corners of his eyes. The top is long enough to create a fringe that comes to just above the eyes.

Picture of Paul Griffiths hair.
Paul Griffiths hair.

His hair is jet black. This is most likely a dye job. It is razor cut to provide texture and jagged ends. The sides of the hair are brushed slightly forward to create an angled look. The hair is vaguely parted on the right side, straightened and brushed at an angle toward the face on the left side.

It takes a few minutes to brush his hair and achieve the desired look. A fair amount of volume lifting hairspray is needed to hold the hair in place and maintain the rough look. This style needs to be refreshed periodically throughout the day.

Picture of Paul Griffiths hairstyle for young men.
Paul Griffiths hairstyle.

The Paul Griffiths hairstyle is very popular. It frames his face and accentuates his features while leaving him with an air of mystery that has come to be identified with the emo look. It is a look that many emo boys want to try and duplicate.

Getting the hair cut to create this style can be done at home. However, it is likely better to go to a salon and have professional cut and style the hair the first time. This will increase the chances of getting the exact look one desires without doing serious damage to the hair.

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