Neymar Mohawk Hair Style

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is a Brazilian soccer player. He is known to his fans simply by his first name. He plays striker for the Brazilian National team and for Santos. He has caught the eyes of several European talent scouts in recent months. We are going to take a look at the Neymar Mohawk hairstyle here.

Photo of Neymar da Silva Santos Junior mohawk hairstyle.
Neymar mohawk hairstyle.

Neymar’s Mohawk is created by cutting the hair on the sides of his head very short, but not shaving completely. He has a stripe of hair up the center his head that stands up to form a fan about two inches long in front tapering to one inch (and longer sometimes) in back.

This is a fairly standard edition of the Mohawk hairstyle. Another Brazilian soccer great, Pele, has been heard to tease Neymar about his hair, saying that Neymar is copying his hairstyle that he wore in the 1958 World Cup.

Despite the good natured teasing and the relative conservatism of this style, there is pressure for Neymar to cut his hair and adopt a new image. This stems from an offer made by Real Madrid to place him on their team.

However, their management is concerned that his haircut might be damaging to their ability to merchandise products with his name attached.

Photo of Neymar mohawk haircut.
Neymar mohawk haircut.

Many people see this haircut as a symbol of Neymar’s lack of maturity. This is another reason that it will likely not be tolerated for long by European coaches and teams. It is also a major inducement to change because the amount of money these teams are willing to pay goes up based on skill and maturity.

Neymar’s agent states that it would take an offer of no less than sixty six million USD to get him to transfer. For that kind of money, a haircut is a minor inconvenience.

Neymar is far from the first soccer player to wear a Mohawk. He stands in the company of such greats as Pele, David Beckham, and others who have all worn their hair in this style at one time or another.

Picture of Neymar hair.
Neymar mohawk hair.

However, the Neymar Mohawk hair style has become a source of controversy and could actually injure his career. Several of the more prestigious European soccer teams are willing to court him if he will cut his hair and change his image. They believe that this would be a positive sign that he is maturing and ready to move the next level of his career.

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  1. as if his hairstyle would affect clubs buying him get real. he has footballing TALENT his hair has nothing to do with that

  2. I never heard anything of european clubs wanting him to change his hair, it dosen’t make anysense. I’m sure they will still want him if he paint his hair pink. He has a brilliant future

  3. just saying i bet there has been some crazy hair styles in european football, so why would neymar’s hairstyle be something saying he’s inmature or that hes not ready to advance his career. his hair is has nothing to do with his two feet

  4. Hairstyles do matter actually. Real Madrid are a very respected professional club therefore they want there players to portray that image as well. Take Adebayor for example. His dreads were outta control so when he went to Madrid he was told ,under contract, to cut his hair.

  5. AWSOME HAIRCUT,i am getting cut my hair like Neymar but it isn’t that big to get my mohawk like him (as big as his)

  6. WHY SHOULD YOU cut your hair to play football that’s ridiculous there are many players with unique hairstyles in the World such as Balotelli,Hamsik,Beckham,Ronaldo,Sagna,Cisse even Pele had a mohawk. So if you have a mohawk or unique hairstyle it makes not mature ? No I don’t think so, it gives players character and creativity and also they don’t blend in with the rest the footballers that have basic and boring hairstyles.

  7. I would not have known Neymar if it wasn’t for his kick ass haircut, those old ignorant farts in charge couldn’t pull off a hawk so they don’t want anyone else pulling it off


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