Mike Sorrentino Short Hairstyles

Mike Sorrentino is a 38 year old American Reality Television star, more commonly known as “The Situation“. He has been a member of the cast of Jersey Shore on MTV since it debuted in 2024. Here is a brief look at the Mike Sorrentino hairstyle.

The star wears his hair in a style very similar to the military style known as a high and tight. The primary difference is that he allows the top of his hair to remain a bit longer like a high top fade style and curled. The sides and back of his head are still very short.

Picture of Mike Sorrentino short hairstyle.
Mike Sorrentino short hairstyle.

The top does not fade from back to front as the military style does. There is also a narrow band of shorter hair on edges of the top that is distinctly separate from the remaining hair. There is no sign that any attempt was made to fade this into the top hair.

He often chooses to apply gel to give his hair a wet look that includes spikes that stand straight up. These spikes are created by pulling the hair up from the head and twisting. He can also use pomade and allow his hair to curl on top, as it naturally tends to do. This provides a softer, more touchable look.

The top section is cut with scissors and/or a razor to provide texture. This is what stands out and makes this style unique to him rather than being a high and tight buzz.

Image of Mike Sorrentino hair for young men.
Mike Sorrentino hair.

The Mike Sorrentino short hairstyle has a great deal in common with the style that is so popular. It creates a look that sets him apart from other young men on the show as well as on the beaches of New Jersey.

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