Logan Marshall Green Buzz Haircut

American actor, Logan Marshall Green has had starring roles in several different television series. These include The OC, Dark Blue, 24, and Traveler. He has recently changed his hairstyle dramatically. Here is a brief look at the Logan Marshall Green buzz haircut.

Picture of Logan Marshall Green buzz cut.
Logan Marshall Green buzz cut.

The actor has chosen one of the easiest styles to achieve and maintain. An electric clipper is used to cut all of the hair on his head to a uniform length, about an eighth of an inch in this case. The distinctive sound made by the clipper is the source of the term, “buzz cut“.

Picture of Logan Marshall Green short buzz haircut.
Logan Marshall Green short buzz haircut.

With his hair this short, he does not have to put any real effort into styling or maintaining it. He can wash it with a washcloth and soap while showering to keep it clean. It’s much too short to comb or brush, therefore needs no pomade, gel, or other products.

The Logan Marshall Green buzz haircut has been employed by the military for new recruits coming into boot camp. There, it is done to prevent infestation of lice or other vermin as well as to make all look more uniform. However, it is also a very popular style among men simply because it is so easy to care for.

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