Lance Bass Short Spikey Hairstyles

Photo of Lance Bass spikey hair.
Lance Bass spikey hair.

Lance Bass is a very multi-talented individual. He was the bass singer in the boy band, N Sync. He is also a dancer, author, television and film producer, and actor. He has had a very successful career. One feature that he has kept, regardless of the role he was filling at the time, is the range of Lance Bass short spikey hairstyles.

Picture of Lance Bass hair.
Lance Bass hair.

Lance has kept his hair short throughout his career. He has it cut with a razor to provide texture and to create slight variance in the lengths of different sections. To style his hair, he simply rubs some gel on his hands and runs them through the hair to coat it. He then pulls up random spikes all over his head.

This is the most common hairstyle for him. However, there have been changes to it over the years. Mostly, these changes have been the result of growth or cutting the hair. The different lengths make the style look a bit different. However, the technique is much the same regardless of length.

Image of Lance Bass hairstyle.
Lance Bass hairstyle.

This is a relatively low maintenance style. This is because the gel used to create the spikes provides enough hold to last all day. The hair is very stiff and does not want to change position. However, he has to shampoo frequently to remove the day’s product in order to avoid a buildup that could weigh the hair down.

Image of Lance Bass mohawk hairstyle.
Lance Bass mohawk hairstyle.

Another variation of his spikey hairstyle is the wild mohawk. He had the hair on the sides of his head cut very short, but left the top of the hair longer and spiked.

Lance Bass spikey hair have not changed a great deal since he first began performing. Occasional haircuts and periods of growth have allowed him to have slightly different looks from time to time.

However, the method of styling and maintaining his hair is much the same regardless of its length. He keeps it short enough to make it easy to handle and to keep clean so that the gel does not build up with time.

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