John Cena Haircut: Get All Military with His Buzz Cut

The John Cena military crew cut has become increasingly popular thanks to him sporting the look. For whatever reason, buzz haircuts never seem to go out of style. They were given that name because of the buzzing sound the Clippers are said to make when performing the haircut.

John Cena military crew cut pic.
John Cena military crew cut.

John Cena has a strong, masculine jaw-line. How do you know if this would be a good haircut for your face?

John Cena military haircut photo.
John Cena military haircut.

This style of haircut actually works for many different face shapes. It can be trimmed or shaved to whatever length you prefer. This particular cut can actually accentuate the wearer’s facial features if cut to the right proportions. A lot of stylists can give you this hair-do in under five minutes, making it one of the easiest hair-cuts out there.

Picture of John Cena haircut for men.
John Cena longer crew haircut.

For the longest time, women didn’t seem to care for this particular style on men. Recently, the cut has gained popularity with the female population, probably in part because of some male celebrities sporting the cut lately. To keep this style looking fresh, it is recommended that you keep it trimmed every two to three weeks.

Image of John Cena military hairstyle.
John Cena military buzz cut hairstyle.

This hairstyle is very easy to manage as you can just wash and go depending on the length. Men seem to enjoy this style the most during the hot summer months. The low maintenance factor to this haircut has always made it popular among moms with little boys.

Photo of John Cena crew cut.
John Cena crew cut.

A John Cena military crew haircut can work for many face shapes. The clean lines to this particular cut have the potential to bring out any man’s jaw-line. You can get it shaved all one length, or have the stylist change up the clippers a bit to get the sides a different level.

There are many possibilities for wearing this cut. You can try out different levels until you get the style and length that you like the most on your face shape.

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