Jeremy Sumpter Textured Wavy Hairstyles

Photo of Jeremy Sumpter short textured wavy hairstyle.
Jeremy Sumpter short textured wavy hairstyle.

Men with short and wavy hair are always looking for new styles to accentuate their looks, and the popular Jeremy Sumpter hairstyles can provide the perfect solution. Whimsical styles are all the rage these days, and this actor’s hairstyle is just one clear example of this trend.

Waves are always a challenge for hair stylists. This is especially true when the man with the wavy hair also has a face that is longer or more oval-shaped than usual. This facial shape can be well-accented by a style that incorporates shorter hair and ends that are groomed in such a way as to create greater body and texture.

For those wanting to try this short textured style at home, there are a few simple things to remember. First of all, hair should be cut in a jagged style at the ends, to provide for maximum flexibility in styling. It should also be a little longer on the top than on the sides.

Styling cream can be used at the ends to create the desired texture. As it is applied, you should pull it through the hair. The ends should be pinched tightly. The overall texture and messiness can be controlled by pinching the locks of hair in different directions.

If you want to have a truly carefree and mussed look should always avoid using a lot of cream around the follicle roots. Too much styling product can cause the roots to become matted, which will destroy the overall appearance of volume and activity at the hair ends.

Image of Jeremy Sumpter wavy hairstyle.
Jeremy Sumpter wavy hairstyle.

If you want a longer bed head look of Jeremy Stumpter hairstyle, then you need a longer wavy hair. To style it, rub styling mousse into your hands and apply it to the hair gently with your fingers to create the desired look.

Of course, a great haircut is essential too. To ensure that the hair is cut properly for this styling effect, any man who wants this style should take photographs of this actor to his styling salon/barber.

The stylist can then use these photos to guide her as she creates the Jeremy Sumpter hairstyles her client wants. When the cut & style is done, you can recreate your own style by yourself everyday.

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