James Maslow Shaggy Hairstyle

Photo of James Maslow shaggy hairstyle.
James Maslow hairstyle.

James David Maslow is an actor & singer best known for his roles as James Diamond in the television series Big Time Rush. He has a good looking shaggy hairstyle. His hairstyle is always on the go. It is designed to look unkempt, so maintaining it should not be much of a problem. Here are a few tips for getting and keeping this kind of look.

First, you should let your hair grow out, if it is not very long. Next, you need to have someone who has experience in cutting hair. This kind of cut needs to be layered perfectly. Bangs have to be shaped and the back has to be tapered just right.

Once your new shag is cut, you only have to shampoo it regularly. Some men many need to blow dry, but this depends on hair thickness. You may wish to invest in some hair products such soft-hold styling gel. This helps to keep hair looking good all the time.

Picture of James Maslow shag haircut.
James Maslow shag haircut.

Cuts such as the James Maslow hairstyle will not look good on all men. The hairstyle will look best on men with oval & long face shape. Men who want to look neat & tidy should also avoid this casual hairstyle.

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