How To Keep Hair Straight After Straightening It

How to keep hair straight after straightening it is a major problem among people who have curly styles. One may have tried a variety of solutions which have not been fruitful. One should be careful not to damage his hair by attempting to use various creams available in the market. Some of them do not work while others are not what they claim to be.

Using a flat iron is known to be the best way to straighten the curls. The quality of the device will play a major role in determining the final results. It is advisable to go for the device that gets hot enough to make the waves disappear. Always buy a product from a well known company or one that has received good reviews.

Having the right equipment is not enough using it in the right way also matters. Ironing the tips of the hair helps in achieving best results. The waves will not be visible for a long period of time. Always make sure that your hair is dry and free of tangles. This will help during the ironing process. Presence of tangles makes the process ineffective.

Through brushing will ensure there are no knots which would otherwise make the straightening process to be a failure. During the drying process a microfiber towel would be the most suitable in removing as much moisture as possible. A regular towel can also be useful but one has to repeat the process for a number of times. Moist hair will in most cases not stay straight for long.

Blow drying is another technique that may help in achieving good results for a long period of time. However, it is advisable to use a comb that has wide teeth before and after the blow drying process. This helps part the curls as much as possible.

This is the stage where an electric drier comes in handy. Using a brush that is round bristled will help the drier to have good contact with the roots. Using a spray that aids in heat protection will reduce the formation of curls. Such sprays are readily available in stores at an affordable price. They also help reduce the formation of tangles.

How one clamps the flat iron will determine the effectiveness of the exercise. Applying force during the ironing process is recommended. Checking yourself on the mirror will help in making sure the job has been done to perfection.

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