Keratin Hair Treatment for Men: Benefits & Care

Hair straightening treatments such as the use of Keratin are no longer indicated for women alone. In fact, keratin hair treatment for men is already available in many salons and beauty centers.

Men, especially those who love long hairstyles, also need keratin treatment to make their hair shinier, smoother and straighter. Hair treatments using Keratin can surely make curly and unruly hair among men less frizzy and more beautiful.

Just like with women, hair among men can greatly affect their looks. With a healthy-looking straight hair which can be styled easily, you can surely catch the attention of every woman passing by.


Benefits of Keratin for Hair

Have you ever wondered why this type of hair treatment is the most recommended method to make hair straighter and more beautiful?

Well, the reason is quite simple. Compared to other hair treatment methods, Keratin treatment is a lot safer and more effective. Other benefits of using Keratin for hair treatment include the following:


1. It does not contain toxic chemicals

benefits of keratin for hair
Keratin is a type of protein that is naturally produced by the human body. It is an essential building block of the skin cells, nails and hair. When you constantly use shampoos, conditioners and hair products, keratin in your hair will be depleted, leading to dry and frizzy hair.

This is because many hair products these days contain toxic chemicals that can penetrate deeply into the layers of the hair. With keratin treatment, you are not at risk of chemical exposure since the method is naturally formulated.

In this way, your hair will not be damaged and destroyed. Instead, it will be repaired from the inside to bring out the glow and moisture outside.


2. Effects are long-lasting

One of the greatest benefits of undergoing keratin treatment is you no longer need to worry about having another treatment after a few weeks.

Keratin provides long-lasting effects that can last for up to 4 months. This is because it penetrates hair follicles and fixes damages from roots to hair tips. You will surely enjoy a shinier and more attractive hair for long periods of time when you choose to undergo hair treatment with keratin.


3. No need to iron regularly

keratin hair treatment for men
When you undergo keratin hair treatment, you will no longer have to iron your hair every day to get that straight and shiny-looking hair.

You just have to comb or brush your hair regularly to stimulate the release of the natural oils of the hair. It is not advisable for you to iron your hair regularly since the heat from the hair iron can destroy the hair cells.


4. Volume and shape of the hair is maintained

keratin treatment for smooth hair
Most individuals worry about undergoing keratin hair treatment because they think that the volume and shape of their hair will be affected. However, this is absolutely not true.

Keratin treatment is done only to fix damaged hair and maintain its health. It will not affect the volume or shape of the hair in any way.


5. It is effective for all types of hair

The keratin hair treatment can be done in all types of hair including those which are too curly or kinky. However, in these cases, a treatment session may last longer than usual.


Post Keratin Treatment Care

There are certain things that you must do just after undergoing a Keratin treatment session. These include the following:

  1. Do not wash your hair for up to 72 hours. This is to make sure that the treatment is absorbed by your hair.
  2. Do not apply gel or other hair styling products. Use the shampoo and conditioner provided or recommended by your stylist after 3 days. The shampoo and conditioner should be sulfate and sodium-free.
  3. Use products specialized for maintaining the treatment. One such good product is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In. This hair spray does not only care for your keratin treatment but also adds shine to your hair.
  4. Do not tie your hair. Just let it down.

Keratin hair treatment is definitely beneficial. However, this method may not be very affordable. In fact, it is said to be one of the most expensive hair treatment methods. Nonetheless, if you want to achieve what’s best for your hair, you will surely look beyond the price and see its many benefits. Besides, hair treatment with the use of keratin provides a very reasonable value.

You can find a lot of salons that offer excellent hair treatment for men at good prices. However, be sure to find the best salon to get your money’s worth.

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    Is there any good styling products I can use after I have done the treatment. It’s been 7 days since I done the treatment and I have used the sulfate and sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner. I don’t like it when my hair just lays flat, I need some volume and some way to make it stay up. What products can I use that won’t deplete my hair from keratin that much?


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