How To Care For Mens Straight Hair

There are some common sense approaches when taking care of men’s hair. If your type is straight as a string, you will also need to be aware of additional techniques that will keep your strands looking their best. Here are some tips on how to care for mens straight hair. Some of the tips also apply to other hair types.

1. Washing Hair

men washing straight hair

Washing straight locks should be done using a mild shampoo. Shampooing doesn’t have to occur every day, but if you choose to do so, concentrate on cleansing and massaging the scalp. Rinsing the shampoo from the strands is generally enough to accomplish a clean and healthy appearance.

It is important to use lukewarm water. When you use water that is too hot will tend to dry out the strands and the scalp. Dry skin is not healthy skin. Dry strands appears dull and lifeless. You can add conditioner after shampooing.


2. Rub Gently

When you are ready to dry after shampooing, gentle action is important. Rubbing briskly with a towel is not recommended. Wet hairs can be damaged by rubbing. The strands are stretched and can be damaged by the towel fibers. This will result in split ends, broken strands, and roughened cuticles.

Instead of the traditional rough toweling, shake off excess water and then gently rub the towel along the length of the strand from the scalp outward.


3. Blow Dry Hair

man with straight hair using blow dryer

If you must use a blow dryer, use a medium heat setting and a detangler to avoid additional stresses on the shaft. The heat source should be held about six or more inches from the strands and moved back and forth quickly. Always hair slightly damp. The results will be less harsh and make it easier to style.


4. Choose Haircut

As with any type of hairs, the cut is critically important. A bad haircut will always look less attractive than a good one. Find a stylist or barber who understands your preferences and needs and can put them into effect.

The first cut with a new barber is crucial, but the second one maybe even more so. Your stylist should be willing to work with you to achieve the best possible look. A trim at least every six weeks will help to keep your style looking great.


5. Natural Affect

Environmental issues are another area where people do not pay enough attention to the negative effects. If you swim, especially in chlorinated pools, the minerals can severely damage hair.

Most people will shower and shampoo after leaving the pool but is also beneficial to shower BEFORE entering the water. Using conditioner prior to immersion in pool water will keep hairs from absorbing as much of the chemicals.


6. Proper Nutrition

nutrients for healthy straight hair

One of the best ways to take care of your locks forever is to take in the proper level of nutrients. Drinking enough water and getting plenty of sleep will help your entire body feel well. When you practice holistic health, your skin, nails, and other parts of your body will show it.


Care for men’s straight hair incorporates the same principles as for any other type. There are some techniques that will show up more obviously with hair that is straight. If you pay attention to washing, drying, the cut, and environmental factors your locks will show the shiny and healthy look you desire.

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