How to Make Straightened Hair Last Longer

Most men would not go as far as to straighten their hair, but for those who want to take care of frizzy and unruly locks, sometimes straightening is the best option. You can either iron your hair or have it chemically straightened, and there are certain advantages and disadvantages for both and some tips on how to make straightened hair last longer.


Using the Flat Iron

Most men who are fine with wavy locks but want to style their hair differently from time to time can opt for flat irons to straightening the hair. This is fairy easy to do for guys since they have shorter hair so the process is shorter.

To make the ironing easy, you can section the hair using clips so that ironing each section will not be so hard to do. It is important to use a heat protectant to cover the strands every time you flatten and straighten the hair.

It is also important to not pull on the strands as you iron the hair since this can lead to hair breakage and damage. Experts also recommend ironing the hair when it is dry, since ironing wet and damp hair can also cause the hair to break.

You can make ironed hair last longer by using a setting product after you ironed all the hair. This will protect the hair from humidity and moisture. When exposed to moisture, straightened hair usually goes back to its usual shape.

Guys may want to opt for unscented hair protectants and setting sprays if they do not want their hair to reek of the usual feminine fragrances that accompany most hair care products. It is also a good idea to avoid getting the hair wet after you iron to prevent ruining you straight and sleek do.


Chemical Straightening

Chemical straightening is the easier route since you do not have to spend up to an hour every day straightening your hair. Hair straightening for men is basically the same as it is for women. Chemicals are applied to break the bonds that give the hair its unique texture so that you get uniform, smooth and straight hair.

Chemical straightening is best for men with longer hair and you get numerous options of hairstyles to choose from if you opt for straight hair. Chemically straightened hair usually is permanent and will not change shape even when exposed to water.

This is a good thing since you can be exposed to damp and humid conditions without having to worry about your hair. However, since chemical straightening can also damage the hair, it is important to use moisturizers and conditioners to prevent excessive brittleness and dryness, which could lead to breakage.

Experts recommend shampooing two or three days after the hair is straightened to make sure that the chemicals have completely done their job before you rinse them off.


Straightened hair is often a fine option for some men. Straight hair is sleek and neat and very easy to manage. Whether you opt for flat iron or chemical straighteners, it is important to care for your hair by using the right products and avoiding the conditions that can ruin your hairstyle or damage your hair.

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