Tips For How To Spike Your Hair

When you are looking for quick tips for how to spike your hair, you will need to consider what type of look and feel you want to achieve and whether the look will be something you wear every day or for special occasions. There are different styles that a person can select depending on their age, personality, texture and thickness of their hair.

Picture of Taylor Lautner short spiky hairstyle.
Taylor Lautner short spiky hairstyle.

A more professional look, that gives a slight edge to you style is the partial spike. With this style, an individual has slightly longer layers on top that is blended into shorter sides and back. This style can easily accommodate thick or thin texture and is great looking for highlights and lowlights.

A person with thin textures can get the spiked look using hairspray, however most people use a gel or mousse to achieve the lasting style and make the style look healthy and full. For a more casual look, a person may choose the messy spiked look which has a more tousled and messy appearance.

Photo of Justin Hartley messy spiky hairstyle.
Justin Hartley messy spiky hairstyle.

This is a great look for younger people who choose sun-kissed highlights and want emphasize a look that is fun and carefree. It will be important to have a stylist give you the proper cut to keep the style in place and maintain structure. There are many variations of this style that give men options for both professional and casual wear.

This is a very easy style to maintain and, when the proper mousse, gel, wax or hairspray is used, will stay in place through most activities.

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