Taylor Lautner With Short Hair

Photo of Taylor Lautner with short hair.
Taylor Lautner with short hair.

Many men try to get the look that Taylor Lautner with short hair achieves. If you have medium to thick hair, achieving this look will be easy. The cut makes styling for work or play a simple task and requires relatively little work to maintain.

The style is asymmetric, which highlights and flatters the face. When you want to get this look, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you get the healthy full look of Taylor more easily. The cut is close around the sides and is slightly tapered to a longer top. The short fringe on the ends of the style allows you to get a more relaxed look and frames the face.

The top of the style has choppy layers that may spiking your style very easy. When you want to create the spikes, using a pomade or mousse will give you the relaxed spikes that will give you a look of volume and shine.

Picture of Taylor Lautner short hairstyle.
Taylor Lautner short hairstyle.

To achieve a healthier and shiny look, having blond highlights will add to the illusion of texture. When these highlights are done on a chunky layering, it will also give the look of more texture and highlight the spikes. Keeping the lower portion of the style a darker color will draw the eye to the top of the head and bring focus on the eyes and fine features of the face.

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