A Simple Hair Care Routine For Men

If you want to keep your manly hair looking great, whether you are the simple type or the classic type, a thorough, yet simple hair care routine is critical. You can be fit, ripped, and all muscular, but just like women; your hair is your crown. Here is one hair care routine that will make the girls turn when you walk.


Use A Shampoo

Shampoos are not just one of those things women use. Go to the market, choose a nice shampoo that matches your hair type, and make sure it is pH balanced. Make sure you shampoo your hairs twice, this will help make your hair feel great. The first wash will help loosen the scalp and unclog the follicles while the second wash is what really does the work of making your hair clean and great.



While shampooing, be sure to massage the scalp gently, using the balls of your finger. Most people often miss this part when they shampoo their hairs – well not only this part; they also miss the benefits that come with it. Toning the hairs will help the oil glands release excess oils, which is a good thing and will prevent clogging of the pores. You know, one of the major causes of hair loss is a clogged hair follicle.


Don’t Forget to Condition the Hairs

If you have dry hair, then conditioning your hair is something you can’t afford to do. For those who have oily hairs, it is better to use a herbal rinse. You can easily purchase them from stores or make them by yourself.


Use the Right Tools

Make sure you use the right tools to style your hairs, your hair dryers should be above 1000 watts, combs should be wide-toothed for men with curly hairs and brushes with natural bristles are the best. Make sure your hair is properly dried before you style it, do not make tight hairstyles or any style at all that will cause undue stress to the scalp or hair follicles.


Leave It Natural

While you can treat your hair chemically once in a while, I would advise you to avoid coloring or perming your hairs repeatedly. If you must use chemicals, see a stylist for such service and make sure you choose the best product for your hair type.


Keep It Short

You don’t have to cut your hair so low, but make sure you trim jagged ends. This will help prevent damages at the tip of the hairs from getting to the roots of the hairs. Once in a while, see a stylist for this purpose.

Statistically, the number of men’s hair products in the market is just a little less than the number of hair care products for women, this proves that the consciousness among men regarding the look of their hairs is increasing by the day. I am sure you don’t want to be left out, so follow the above hair care routine to give your hair the best.

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