How To Dread Hair Using Beeswax: Step-by-Step Process

Dreadlocks is a hairstyle that has been around almost since the dawn of time. It has different significance in different cultures around the world. For some, it is even a political statement. Most believe that creating this style is as simple as stopping the use of shampoo and conditioner and failing to brush the hair.

However, this is not the case. Creating dreadlocks is a deliberate act that requires a great deal of time and effort. Beeswax is one substance that can help to make the process easier. Here is a look at how to dread hair using beeswax. Murray’s with 100% Pure Australian Beeswax is a recommended product.
Ideally, one should begin with curly hair. This means that one who has straight hair should look into having a tight perm put into his hair. This will help to create the proper texture to begin the dreading process.


Dreading Process Using Beeswax

dreads beeswax

  • The first step is to cease the use of shampoo and conditioner for at least a day before beginning the process. This will help to keep the hair from becoming too slick to dread. Tangling the hair is more difficult when it has recently been conditioned.
  • When one is ready to style the hair, he should begin by separating the hair into individual sections sized based on the size of the finished dreadlocks he desires. Most start with sections about an inch in size. Placing a rubber band at the base of each section will help to keep the hair separated and provide a starting point for the styling process.
  • Beginning at the back of the head, one should take one section and coat it with beeswax from root to tip. Next, roll the hair between the palms of the hair, always working it in the same direction. Continue to roll the hair together from the root to the tip.
  • Next, using a metal toothed comb, one should begin to backcomb the hair. Start about an inch out from the scalp and comb back toward the head to tease the hair into tangles. Move out another inch and repeat this process until the entire length of the hair has been done.
  • Coat the hair with beeswax again to hold it in place before moving on to the next section. The wax will help to hold the hair in place while the dreadlock sets in place. It is also a good idea to add another rubber band near the tips of each lock for the first few days.
  • One should avoid washing the hair for at least a week to allow the dreads to set solidly. During this time, he should re-twist the hair in the same direction as originally followed at every opportunity. This can be done while watching television or other activities that leave the hands free.

Knowing how to dread hair using beeswax will make it easier to get the hair to take this popular style. It will help to reduce the amount of labor needed to create the style and will provide the necessary hold to allow the dreads to set in place and become permanent.

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