David “Se7en” Gallegos Hairstyle

David Gallegos, “Se7en”, is the lead vocalist and one of the founding members of the group Brokencyde. The name of the group is taken from the idea that their music is broken inside, an idea that most critics seem to agree with.

Photo of David Gallegos hairstyle.
David Gallegos hairstyle.

In general, his hair simply stands up all over his head. He occasionally combs it so that the fringe stands out to one side in a manner reminiscent of some Japanese anime characters with a blonde streak. Otherwise, it is simply a mess.

However, despite the apparent lack of styling, this is a part of the image he chooses to project when performing. To that end, a lot more care goes into making his look this bad than one might think. It is much more than simply not brushing or styling it when he rises from bed.

The truth is that he has the hair razor cut to provide uneven ends and lengths. This provides added texture that would not be seen with a standard hair cut. In addition, he does have to work to keep it clean and relatively free of tangles. Failure to do so would result in the eventual formation of dreadlocks.

Picture of David Gallegos with the Brokencydes.
David Gallegos with the Brokencydes.

To get the hair to stand up the way it does, he has to apply a moderate amount of gel. This stiffens the hair strands and gives them the strength to stand up despite their length. Rather than use a brush, he applies the gel to his hands and runs them through the hair.

He then uses his fingers to pull the hair up in random patterns all over his head and spray the hair with hairspray to hold these locks in place. The resulting look is as wild and untamed as the music he performs.

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