Criss Angel Hairstyles

Criss Angel's razored haircut.
Criss Angel hairstyle

Criss Angel, the American celebrity stunt performer is an exceptional magician, musician and illusionist. His performance in 1998 at Madison Square, named “World of Illusion” was his first major break. In 2001, came the off- Broadway show that was titled “Criss Angel Mindfreak”.

The show was a stunner with almost 600 performances. Television series of A&E channel “Criss Angel Mindfreak” and Sci-fi channel’s “Supernatural” made Criss Angel a household name.

His Greek origin, training in gymnastics and 7th degree blackbelt in karate gave him a chiseled look of a Greek God. Moreover, this man has always spiced up his appearance with different hairstyles that added to his mystique looks.

Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos aka Criss Angel was born on 19th December 1967 in East Meadow, New York. Criss loved to play drums and was interested in magic from his early childhood days. He started performing as a magician as a teenager at various pubs, parties.

Chris Angel is the only magician to win “Merlin Magician of the Year” award thrice in 2001 and 2004, 2005. He has some incredible world records under his belt. The list includes fastest straightjacket escape, longest time (24 hours) submerged under water, longest body suspension.

Multi talented Criss started an industrial band with Klay Scott called Angeldust. The band released the album called “Magical Conjurings from the World of Illusion” with Criss as the lead singer.

Criss Angel's long haircut.
Criss Angel long hair

All black, waist long, braided hair, matched with fishnet and leather pants gave Criss Angel a hardcore gothic look in his Pre-T.V. days. However, in Season One of “Criss Angel Mindfreak”, his hair was reduced to shoulder length. Work out clothes, combat boots, loose fitting military clothes complemented by untidy careless hairstyle gave him a relaxed casual look.

He further shortened his hair in Season Two and his hairstyle was that of a rock star with dyed locks. The next season saw Criss in razor cut hairstyle shaped through the side of his face. Dyed in brown or black with distinct blond and red highlights. The hair bangs fell into his face covering one eye.

Criss Angel's razor haircut.
Criss Angel razor cut hairstyle

Criss Angel's razor haircut.
Criss Angel razor cut hairstyle

From being a street performer to world record stunt performer and acclaimed magician of his time, Criss Angel has evolved from a performer to a celebrity icon. He has always looked amazingly attractive and at ease with his hairstyles that completed his fashion statement.

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  1. Hey Mr/Missus. Looking for some advice as I am fed up with having awful haircuts! I have fairly thick hair that grows with a little natural wave as it gets longer. Im looking for a short hairstyle that will suit me. I have a right weasel shape face, a big forehead and thin chin, very similar to Mackenzie Crook (heres some pics of him)

    Id like a modern style thats easy to look after, any suggestions would be great!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Criss has a great style and is a great man!
    Ppl say s**t bout him but i wish all of them would shut up and leave him alone and plus wat do they kno bout him anyways!?And Criss dose not look gay, that who he is, so dont judge him if u kno nothin bout him, and Criss the loyals love u!!

  3. Shush, you talk a lot. Your wish will never be heard. People feel what they feel, we’re not all the same. Goes the same way with the haircut, people have different definitions of how “gay” looks. Personally, I only like the pictures with red highlights. Hawt. 😉

  4. yep hot as ever….ive nover seen anyone pull off the 80’s mall cut as good as him!ive alwayz had a feeling for him.*blush*

  5. yes , how can you talk about someone you dont know , he is bigger men that you ever can be , will you ever levitate over luxor lighte , or be crashed by steamroller and then sTART jumpin after 5 minutes , 😛

  6. i love the razor hairstyle, im going to get it myself, i personally think that criss looks better with the blonde highlights bu the red looks bad ass…i love mindfreak, however idk how to do the hair style fully, can any one help?

  7. dude i love him i cut my hair like his razor cut hairstyle and colored it black that man is sexc…im a girl and people judged me cause i cut it like that i hate them


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