Cody Simpson Hairstyle

Cody Simpson hairstyle.
Cody Simpson hairstyle.

Cody Simpson is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Queensland, Australia. He currently has a contract with American record label, Atlantic. His performances fall into the genres of Pop and R&B. Today, we will be examining the Cody Simpson hairstyle.

Cody wears his hair cut to a medium length. The top is razor cut to provide added texture. Styling involves brushing part of the hair on top to one side while allowing the underneath hair to come forward so that his fringe hangs to just above the eyes.

This would be considered a messy hairstyle because of the multiple directions in which the hair lays. Despite appearances, this is a moderately high maintenance hairstyle.

It must be brushed each morning to achieve the desired look. Then, wax or pomade is rubbed on his fingers and rubbed through the hair to provide a soft hold.

Cody Simpson blonde side bangs hair style.
Cody Simpson blonde side bangs hair style.

Depending on his activities of the day, Simpson will likely need to slip away and refresh his hairstyle from time to time. This can usually be accomplished by simply running his fingers through his hair.

Swimming or other activities may require him to brush the hair again and reapply pomade. The back of his hair is brushed straight down until it touches his collar. The sides are brushed down over his ears, then swept toward the back. Overall, this produces a good look for this young man.

The Cody Simpson hairstyle takes a bit more work than its appearance would seem to indicate. It is a messy looking style that resembles what one would expect to see when first rising from bed. However, he has to work to get the hair styled each day and use some products to hold the hair in place. Pomade works well to provide the soft hold he needs to keep this style looking natural.

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