Trendy Buzz Cut with Lines: Learn How To Get It

A buzz cut with lines is a way to make a statement with your hair. This kind of style is made popular by men like David Beckham. However, there are a few things to consider first. You need to have the right kind of hair. You also need some skill in cutting hair.

Photo of David Beckham buzz cut hairstyle with two lines.

The first thing to remember concerns giving yourself a haircut. It is not too hard to give yourself a short haircut. However, these things are almost always better if someone else cuts your hair. The reasoning behind this is very simple. You cannot take your head off and place it on the counter. If you can, you are probably not reading this article.

Karim Benzema hairstyle with line

You need to ask yourself if a very short hairstyle is for you. Your hair should be thick. In fact, the thicker it is the better. These cuts also work very well on African American hair.


Image of Chris Brown with lines in hair

If you wish to give yourself a short haircut, it is important to have electric clippers. Use a guard, as this keeps the hair all the same length. You can also opt for a little longer on the top. Look in the mirror and start from the middle front of the head and clip straight back. Once you take out that first cut, there is no going back now, unless you want a reverse Mohawk look.

Take out one side of your hair, and then the other. You may need to remove the guard to properly trim around the ears. Carefully check the back of the neck with your hands and run your hands all over your head. This will help you find stray hairs to remove.

Cutting any kind of design into your hair is not too easy. This is why you should have assistance. Ideally, it will be someone who has a lot of experience cutting hair. Before you decide to have a design in your hair, make sure that it does not have special meaning.

For example, you may not want something that shows you are a member of an organization that you do not actually belong to.

lines in hair

If you are going to perform your own line cutting, practice on paper first. Make sure that you can effectively make the design. The rest of the advice should be taken at your own risk, as it involves shaving away part of your hair. Use clippers without a guard and turn them sideways. Gradually cut away the area that you wish to remove. You may need to clean it up with a razor blade. Be careful not to cut yourself in the process.

If you are serious about a buzz cut with lines, make sure you have thick enough hair to pull it off. Use a good pair of clippers without the guard attachment to make the design. Know all about your design before you make it. If you have the money, go to a professional to get the best results.

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