Andy Six Long Emo Hairstyles

Photo of Andy Six long emo hairstyle.
Andy Six long emo hairstyle.

Every generation has its own terminology, remember the ‘flappers’ and the ‘hippies’? Today’s modern youth has their own style which is called the Emo nitch which stands for ’emotional’ or “emotional hardcore”.

It is a sub-culture that has its own special punk music which is melancholy and dramatic. Perhaps one of the most notable for members of this group are the Andy Six long emo hairstyles.

Andy Six is a lead singer of the Black Bride Veils musical group and is the one who introduced this type of hairstyle. These haircuts are especially popular with the men who wish to designate they are into this kind of lifestyle and music.

Image of Andy Six emo hairstyle with spiky on the top.
Andy Six emo hairstyle with spiky on the top.

This kind of hairstyle involves dark colors with black the most popular especially when having highlights or streaks of other colors such as blonde or red. Bangs which cover the forehead and eyes are common. In addition, there is spiked hair on the back of the head with the typical hairstyle but there are others as well.

Photo of Andy Six emo layered hairstyle for boys.
Andy Six emo layered hair style.

This long hair is carefully layered to fall into place naturally, not having to have any special attention when combed. This cut gives a very distinctive look to the wearer and shows off their hair to a definite advantage. It gives them the ‘different’ look that calls attention to their distinctive style.

One thing that makes this an excellent cut is that it is adaptable to any type of hair. Thin, thick, or others are styled to make them appear full and distinctive in color and cut. It brings out all the best features of a person’s face and personality.

Andy Six emo haircuts picture.
Andy Six emo haircut.

In addition, this type of haircut, as well as specific types of clothing and the type of music they prefer make it easy to recognize one who is into the Emo genre. Many young men adopt this hairstyle in order to be identified, on sight, by others who are in tune with modern styles. Andy Six emo hairstyles are the preference of many young men in today’s society.


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