Andy Six Long Emo Hairstyles

Photo of Andy Six long emo hairstyle.
Andy Six long emo hairstyle.

Every generation has its own terminology, remember the ‘flappers’ and the ‘hippies’? Today’s modern youth has their own style which is called the Emo nitch which stands for ’emotional’ or “emotional hardcore”.

It is a sub-culture that has its own special punk music which is melancholy and dramatic. Perhaps one of the most notable for members of this group are the Andy Six long emo hairstyles.

Andy Six is a lead singer of the Black Bride Veils musical group and is the one who introduced this type of hairstyle. These haircuts are especially popular with the men who wish to designate they are into this kind of lifestyle and music.

Image of Andy Six emo hairstyle with spiky on the top.
Andy Six emo hairstyle with spiky on the top.

This kind of hairstyle involves dark colors with black the most popular especially when having highlights or streaks of other colors such as blonde or red. Bangs which cover the forehead and eyes are common. In addition, there is spiked hair on the back of the head with the typical hairstyle but there are others as well.

Photo of Andy Six emo layered hairstyle for boys.
Andy Six emo layered hair style.

This long hair is carefully layered to fall into place naturally, not having to have any special attention when combed. This cut gives a very distinctive look to the wearer and shows off their hair to a definite advantage. It gives them the ‘different’ look that calls attention to their distinctive style.

One thing that makes this an excellent cut is that it is adaptable to any type of hair. Thin, thick, or others are styled to make them appear full and distinctive in color and cut. It brings out all the best features of a person’s face and personality.

Andy Six emo haircuts picture.
Andy Six emo haircut.

In addition, this type of haircut, as well as specific types of clothing and the type of music they prefer make it easy to recognize one who is into the Emo genre. Many young men adopt this hairstyle in order to be identified, on sight, by others who are in tune with modern styles. Andy Six emo hairstyles are the preference of many young men in today’s society.

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  1. my hairs like his but shoulder length and i straighten it and style it excactly like his but mine is sooo flowy and shiny and flows in the wind and is really healthy and nice looking but it doesnt look like his because of that. i dont want to damage my hair to make it look like his but idk why it is so flowy and silky. i guess thats a good thing but how come when other emo guys straighten their hair it is more stiff and stays like andys but when i straighten mine it is so flowy and silky and shiny and bouncy?

    • You may wash your hair too often take night showers or whatever you do so it will be more heavy, you may not like how it feels just because of the natural oils in your hair but it still looks nice

  2. It’s Andy SIX NOT SIXX!!! His favorite number was 6!! C’mon people get it right already!! I can tell most of you are just Andy fanboy/fangirls!!

  3. seriously? The name is BLACK VEIL BRIDES!! NOT BLACK BRIDE VEILS!! And he’s already changed his last name to biersack.

  4. Listen people, I’m one of the biggest black veil brides fans in my state. When Andy was young, he played a couple different sports and always had a number 6 on his jersey. His dad called him Andy Six as a nickname. Andy went by Andy Six or Andy 6 but never Andy Sixx. Stupid ass fangirls started calling him that and it spread around like wild fire. People accused Andy of copying Nikki Sixx because everyone thought he went by Andy Sixx, when in reality ne never did. All that is in the past now because Andy goes by his real name now Andy Biersack. Andy said that he doesnt have to hide behind a nickname anymore and he is very proud of who he is. You people who call yourselves fans need to study up and get your facts right.

    -Grayson Norville, a man that will always be deticated to the BVB army.

  5. Guys please, if you’re gonna talk about Andy please get your facts right.
    His stagne name was Andy Sixx up until like two years ago because Andy Sixx was just sort of like a persona for him to use whilest coming to grips with his life. Then he made a formal announcement that he was reverting back to his family name Biersack.
    Also it’s Black Veil Brides
    They rule!!!

  6. its just hair guys we all like it or him just let people call him what they want to instead of fighting about it and acting like children

  7. i want tht hair style but dnt know wat the the name of hairstyle is when i asked for a emom hair style the looked at me like i was stupid.

  8. It really bothered me how they kept on saying “Andy Six” it is Andy Sixx. But yeah, it doesn’t really matter anymore because he’s Andy Biersack or Andy Black now.


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