No Poo Tips: How To Wash Hair With Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar

Every day some more cosmetic products can be found on the shelves of local stores. We are surrounded with such multiple advertisements about new innovations and formulas in a beauty industry. But like Richard Bach said: “The simplest things are often the truest.” That is why an alternative has been found. Now there is no need to buy one litre bottles of shampoo to wash hair. In spite of commonly used shampoos, no poo comes up on a market and takes a firm position. All what should be done is to rub the skin on the head for removing some dust and dirt.

Why No Poo (No Shampoo)?

Not everyone is open to changes in his or her life, moreover, if this is something what a person is used to do for many years starting from the very childhood. But there can be found some solemn reasons why no-poo is worth of a try for such people.

First of all, now the money, spent on buying shampoos and conditioners, may be used for other needs. Those, who don’t care about the money issue, are proposed to think about all the chemicals that their hair should stand. It dries hair and the scalp. Moreover, it is known, that it is not very useful for health – organic and natural products are always appreciated more. And, taking into consideration all of the chemicals, which are consumed by people day by day, this proposition may look more appealing for letting it be in people’s lives. The reason why hair becomes oily is because of drying the skin of a head, and each organism starts providing some extra oil that is contained in a body and supposed to be a natural conditioner for hair. So, that is the reason why it becomes a habit to wash hair each other day.
Of course, this variant has the other side of a medal like everything, as we are living in a dual world. But those so-called minuses are not so troublesome. It may take some time to get used to a new way of washing hair. It happens because people’s bodies are used to secrete a certain amount of some body oil, that is why a certain time is needed to normalize this process. Hair can’t be dyed anymore because it is not possible to flush hair without shampoos. It won’t be a problem for those who choose no poo because of chemical components concentrations.

Proportions for the Hair to Look Stunning

From what is written above, a period of adjustment to a new washing process seems to be the most “scaring” because of the way it is going to look like. There is a solution that won’t only safe a good-looking appearance of a person who takes this decision but is also advised as a natural substitute of shampoo powders.

Image of no poo recipe.

All the ingredients that will be needed are: water, some baking soda and apple cider vinegar. As for the proportions, it is possible to experiment a bit without any harm either for hair itself or for the scalp. Usually it is possible to find something like this:

Shampoo: 1 cup of water * 1 tablespoon baking soda

But it is possible to make experiments with proportions. It is even recommended, because everyone has different type of hair. In case the hair is thick and heavy, it is better to add some more baking soda. If it is thin, the advice is to lessen a baking soda content. As soon as a liquid is ready, it should be stirred up. After that it is needed to scrap the scalp with such a “cocktail”. It is also possible to use for the whole hair-length. But it is enough to use it in a proposed way. If there is no idea where to get some good-quality baking soda, here is the site where it is possible to check on it:

Getting used to conditioners for hair, the other substitute is found. The apple cider vinegar may be used for rinsing. The recommended proportion is:

Conditioner: 1 cup of water * 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

This solution is good for all length of the hair, not only for the scalp or for the tip of it. As soon as apple cider vinegar mixed with water is poured on hair, some smell can be felt, but it is gone as soon as the liquid is washed off from the hair. The plain water is mostly used for flushing the solution. Though, it is possible to try doing it with some brew, as it makes the hair be softer. A pack of apple cider vinegar can be found here:

All Is Foreseen

If the hair becomes curly, it is good to add a teaspoon of honey and to reduce the amount of baking soda. But it should be done for a change, not for regular usage. Some less amounts of apple cider vinegar are better to use when hair gets oily. Or it is even better to use it only for the tip and for the rest of the hair to make a mixture of one lemon juice and two teaspoons of honey.

To get a final conclusion, it should be tried.


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