James Franco Hairstyles: Curly, Pompadour, Short Haircuts

Photo of James Franco mens curly hairstyle.
James Franco curly hairstyle.

Many men with curly hair get upset because the stylist or barber cannot seem to do anything to make it look complimentary. However, if they look at pictures of the James Franco curly pompadour hairstyle they will see that it cannot only be cut correctly but be complimentary as well.

Picture of James Franco curly pompadour hairstyle.
James Franco curly pompadour hairstyle

This type of hair is cut short on the back and sides with jagged layers on top. This allows the natural wave to fall into place and bring out one’s best features. This type of hairstyle looks very well on his face shape and is very easy to maintain.

Image of James Franco blonde pompadour.
James Franco blonde pompadour

An additional feature of hair that is cut in this manner is that the wearer does not have to constantly worry about applying certain types of gel or other hair products in order to maintain order or shape. It has been found to be equally convenient for the busy businessman or a person who is in the whirlwind of sports or other activities.

James Franco Haircuts Pictures:

James Franco pompadour hair.
James Franco pompadour hair

James Franco curly hairstyle.
James Franco curly hairstyle

James Franco short curly haircut for men.
James Franco short curly haircut

James Franco short hairstyle.
James Franco short hairstyle

Photo of James Franco slick back hairstyle for guys.
James Franco slick back hairstyle

There have been many comments from women regarding James Franco’s hair style, all favorable. It brings a natural rather than an artificial look and compliments one’s best features. Being able to look sharp and, at the same time natural, is the look that is very attractive.


  • #5 & #7 are the best on James, IMO.
    He really has tight hair but stylists all blow it back, gel it straight, etc. He doesn't do much with it himself but his 'hair-people' do it for him when necessary.
    Handsome guy!

  • Can you send me an email on how I can make my hair look like the picture second from the bottom? My hair is really curly but not so much when it’s short. I never grew it out to look like any of the other photos because it’s just extremely curly and it doesn’t make me look very “clean”. If you can do that for me that would be awesome. Thank you!

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