James Dean Pompadour Hairstyle

Men's hairstyle from James DeanJames Dean’s Pompadour style.

James Dean, an American Legend, was born on February 8th, 1931, in Marion, Indiana, USA. He was a great actor. He is also well-known for his distinctive pompadour hairstyle. The style is created by combing the sides back & blending it into the top, while combing the front straight up & creating a soft curl above the forehead. If you want to get a dry look, you can use a non-shine pomade.


  • Well done, i was really waiting for more legend stars hairstyles and Dean was one of them.

    Love your blog, it´s cool.

    P.S. I´m waiting for rockandrollers haristyles like Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, etcs.

  • i have blonde hair and a roundish head…but when i try to do my hair long like this, i look like a 50 year old mafia don. i have long hair,bangs down to my nose, so is that the problem?

  • this is the only style i wear lately, and its totally by accident. my hair just seems to fall that way. but after couple times of not wearing a hati got a lot of compliments at work from female and male customers. obviously the classics arent losing any strength in fashion.

  • I am in college and used to wear the short hair with the spiked front and the rest tosseled. I grew my hair out to pull of the James Dean look and I have been getting tons of compliments. The Dean style never dies.

  • Can anyone reccomend a styling product to use? I’m looking for a non shine type of look, sort of like the second and third pictures of James there.

  • I’m trying to get away from my lazy man’s buzz cut. stage I’m at now is very short on the side and medium on top in sort of a sloppy quiff (Think Morrissey). Would like to get the james dean style when my hair grows out enough.

    I’m using Garnier Fructis Style “surf hair” Texture paste. nice dry look, not stiff at all but keeps everything in place. Its great! if i knew about this stuff years ago I would never have had that boring buzz cut! Great Site, bTW

  • I got my hair cut and it came out in a James Dean style purely by chance, but I think it looks awesome. The guy who cut my hair used some sort of "hair paste" to get that look, and I've been testing how long it will hold out for. So far its been 5 days and the stuff is still holding out…

  • The best styling product to use is Brylcreem. It's the actual stuff Dean and rest of the 50's guys used. It's cheap, authentic and smells like an old school barbershop.

  • Does anybody know if James Dean ahd curly or straight hair because in some pictures it looks curly, and when i attempt this hairstyle with my straight hair it never seems to look right and looks too straight?

  • I have this same hairstyle basically, and it works best with hair that doesn’t curl near the base, but curls out longer, so when it’s short, it looks more wavy than curly.

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