Chace Crawford Hairstyle

Chace Crawford (born on July 18, 1985) is an American actor. He plays Nate Archibald in a popular teen drama, Gossip Girl. He has a cute but easy to maintain hairstyle. His style is tousled, textured with razor, and side-swept bangs.

To create this style, you can put a little styling product in your damp hair, run through the hair with the fingers from the roots to the ends. Then blow dry forward from the crown area while styling with fingers to create a tousled effect. Apply hairspray to hold the style.


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  • Ooof, I want him XP

    and OMG, him and Zac Efron look SCARILY alike (i saw a pic of them next to each other at the teen choice awards), it’s really scary … but not in a bad way 🙂

  • I wondered if I could get more details on how to get this look, for instance what to tell my hairdresser and how to make it look like that.

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    These are haircuts for boys, so what are girls doing here?

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  • to ask for the hair cut just tell the stylist you want an easy to maintain haircut tell them to texture your hair with a razor, and that you want side-swept bangs. you may also need some hair products to make it look like the picture, but thats totally up to you they are probably going to try and sell you some anyway

  • nice hairstyle… I would like that but do you think an asian would fit that hairstyle? I mean, asian have different hair textures right?

  • What type of styling product do you guys suggest to get this look? I use
    American Crew Fiber. Should I use a gel instead?


  • Does this even work on kids like mine am 27 hes hair is so straightening down it can go left or right u think it works?

  • which effing hair-spray product do i use and do i have to use a very very strong styling gel or just a gel thts good and strengthens the hair and sticks it

  • lol i have his haircut, seriously i love it :). if your haircutter cuts it properly than it should take at last 1 week for it to grow in nicely like his did. the only thing is that his haircut needs high maintenace, like its really easy to style, just that if it gets to longer than it will look sloppy.

  • ahhh!!! my hair looks like this naturally already. i am so sick of it, and want to do something else with it.

    any suggestions? i’ve got dark brown hair that will naturally flick out, brown eyes, and tan skin.

    so, if you have any ideas of hairstyles that will fit for a half-latino with medium hair, let me know.

  • u think this is a good hairstyle, if ur azn n ur forehead is a lil big(not huge)? i need to find a good hair for prom :/

  • Best stuff to use is clay anything that gives a matt effect and just use some hair spray to hold it in place not to much it darkens your hair.

  • My hair is naturally very straight and is very thick and i’ve spiked my fringe for the last 8 years and wanted a change so i’ve shown this to my hair designer.. currently my fringe is growing to be the ideal length for this style.. I also have a natural cow-lick on the right side of my fringe in which the plan is to grow the length on top to weigh that lick down as the hair will flow to that side.. any advice on a product to use to help contain that cow-lick for the time being and will also generally hold the fringe instead of naturally flicking back to its natural straight position..
    thank you

  • please help!
    i am 15 and have medium length blonde hair with natural curly hair. I have tried to have hair cuts like zac efron and tyson ritter but they have failed miserably. Basically I want this hair cut but a bit thicker.

    What do I do in the morning to style it?
    I have matt clay but how do I style it?
    what shall I say to an amateur hairdresser who might not have a razor?
    Please help!
    I need the advice ASAP because I am having my haircut very soon 🙂

  • my hair actually sucks..
    tooo curly and thick.
    i had it chemically straghtend.. twice…
    thinned out and all that bollocks and i still look like a black man when i get out the shower!
    i straghten it but its a misssion.
    would this style be possible for my type of hair??

  • How long would you say your hair needs to be, especially fringe, my fringe goes up to my eyebrows, perhaps a tiny bit over (but not over my eyes) would you say thats long enouph?

    When I go to my hairdressers, would I just tell them to tousle the hair, texture it with the razer and give my side-slack bangs? then give them reference weith the pictures? Would they be able to do it? What kind of hairdressers would you recomendm, and ameture one or like a top dollor hairdressers, I mean either will do but i’d prefeer to save money but if I HAVE to pay for a better hairressers, ill pay.

    Finally, anyone who has this cut, could you make say, or even better make a video on youtube, on how to maintain this haircut ect?

  • Do you guys think this would work if my hairs a little waved? because when i grow it out it’ll be straight on the sides and wavey on top.

  • well, i’m going to get this done on friday mr. anonymous, but i think the pictures will suffice, because it is obviously tousled and it obviously also has side slack bangs. you might wanna drop the word in that is textured with a razor though, cuz, i dunno how obvious it is.

  • i’ve had a similar cut before and it looked crap but it was done by an amateur in a short space of time, i want hair like this so will take it to a pro and let them work their magic, i suppose the only way to pull it off is to be comfortable with it and make it your own hairstyle 🙂

  • Asians boys can’t do this hair if you’ve had years of getting ZERO-fades like Kid ‘N Play. Your hair will be straight, thick and course like a porcupine. And no that “pseudo” faux-hawk is not a faux-hawk if you’re still rocking it with super-hold gel and if clippers ever touch your egg-faded head.

    Buy some decent conditioner, get your hair cut with only trimming/thinning sheers, and don’t use hair product just for the sake of using hair product, and perhaps in several years you’ll be able to pull this off… for your prom. Knobs.

    Goodluck egg-fades.

  • I’m taking these pictures to the lady who’s going to be cutting my fiance’s hair tomorrow! LOL I hope he likes this haircut as much as i do. 🙂 LOL

  • Lol I was recommended this hairstyle for the back of my head, since the front already looks like this…

  • should i take it to a pro hairdresser or just a normal 1? im 13 and i really like this haircut but dont know how it will look. Im kind of nervous about it but i think ill do it plz help!!!

  • ive got medium lengthed hair and its so thick! ive had it thinned and i guess its about medium thickness now.. also its black, would it suit??

    i guess i could go back to my natural brown colour but that would mean having it stripped first.

  • for the guy that said "why do you always say hottie? these are haircuts for men so why are women on here". all i can say is who said they were gilrs 😀

  • i wanna get this style, lets hope it can work ok with curly hair. if not ill end up looking like nick jonas at the MMVAs (which isnt too bad)

  • anybody who mentioned above that they were going to go get this haircut actually get it? How did it turn out? What did you say to your hairdresser?

  • So I guess curly hair isn't an option for this style? I really like it but don't know if a 13 yearold with thick brown curly hair can pull it off.

  • Im 13 and got this style last week. I had straight med length hsir before and this style worked brilliantly. Cheers!

  • Such a stunning guy with blessed genes to configure the overall look of him. He is such gifted lol and I am in the same birthday month as him!! =))

  • u think this would look good if u you have thick black hair? cos im getting my hair chemically straightened so i dunno if its gunna change the texture??

  • My hairdresser says ive got 3-4 months to go to get to this length cos im keen as to give it a crack. I have the same hair colour but i have thick wavy hair so not sure ill be able to nail it. Seems like a lot of work coming into summer for it to possibly not work. I straighten my hair at the moment and it looks good but im hoping to get it cut like this and be able to be done with straightening.

    Has anyone got this hairstyle that his thick wavy hair? If so do you still straighten or did your hairdresser style it so u didnt need to?


    Here's how I did it :

    1) Determine what hair type you are. If you have straight or medium/wavy hair then skip to step two. If you have thick hair here's what you do.

    My hair is as thick and curly as anyones. ASK THEM TO PUT A RELAXER IN IT. It works wonders and I never have to use my straightener anymore. I can get out of the shower and start without using a straightener. This is key. ALSO – ask them to thin it out as well. This is a big part in being able to pull this hairstyle off because your hair has to lay flat on your head.

    2) Bring your hairstylist these pictures. Tell him/her you want it texturized and thinned out.

    3) Buy pomade or wax. This is what he uses, not gel. Bed head works good. You will get out of this shower, use a towel to ruffle your hair. Get it medium damp, but not dry, just a little wet and start ruffling it with pomade. Bring the picture with you and match it to his, sweep your bangs with the pomade and push both sides forward toward your head with your index finer and thumb. Twist it if you have to make small spikes on the side.

    4. Use a good hairspray AFTER waxing. The best one is called Big Sexy and it comes in a red can. It basically will freeze your hair so it won't mess up, you need to buy a good one (in an aerosol container) so it holds. Don't put too much on and your done.

    5. Get the ladies.

  • Above poster your a legend and laid some of my doubts to rest. Im going to go for it. Never heard of a Relaxer but im going to my hairdresser tonight to get a bit of a tidy and thin out whilst i continue the grow, ill be sure to mention it to hear her thoughts. Loved step 5! haha legendary.

  • I am a hairstylist. It def helps to bring a picture so there is no confusion on what you want.
    To get this look use scissors and razor (no clippers.) the back looks about 3/4 inch long with texture. Blend sides with top, leaving it longer around the face. Lots of texture and molding paste.

    Im growing my boyfriends hair to this cut now!!

  • I like this haircut, and i might get it like this. i Can still play basketball, and play all of the other sports and i can still have the long bangs that i like.

  • im looking forward to this hsircut 🙂
    ive been growing my hair for 3 months
    just to get this hairstyle i hope it turns
    out good.
    if it looks good i might even post up
    a picture

  • its possible to do this yourself right? i mean its new years tomorrow night, and i really wana look good for it….
    i've got med length hair which I havn't cut since Halloween (2 months). I don't have time to go to a hairstylist so if I do it properly myself will I get pretty much the same result?

  • Hey!
    I have blonde hair (and I mean blonde!) hair and want to get this cut. Would it work do you think? Also, if I was to get it done, would I go to a top-class place to get it cut first time and then maintain it with my usual barber?

  • It took me three tries but I finally got it cut right. Just try a new haircutter until it works and then request the one that does. I bring in the second two pictures from this page when I get it cut and have my hair just like that except in the back my hair is shorter and has a little messier/bedhead look to it.

  • I had my hair cut like this..
    It's simple really, just ask for an easy to maintain hairstyle with a sideswept bang.

    Then for the style, just get some spray-on hair wax, THEN straighten it..
    It damages your hair but it's worth it.

    Then once it's straightened, just scruff it up a bit 😀

  • I got this hair cut a few weeks ago and my only problem with it is my bangs curl like away from my head for some reason, any suggestions?

  • You actually dont need a straightener for this haircut. I am currently growing my hair like this. I almost had the length but then i found out one of my mates girlfriends is an amazing hairdresser so i went there and she cut a lot of it off so it would regrow properly.

    Anyways the key to it is using a hair dryer properly. She showed me how to properly dry my hair and now i can make it straight using a hair dryer. The bangs looks so much better than if they were straightened with a straightener!

  • does anyone recon this cut would look good on black hair that has been relaxed and needs straighteners?

    also what product should i use to get it looking like his? ^^


  • Hi,

    Will the haircut suit a person with a diamond face? As I have one, I like the look if this cut, but am very bad at visualising

  • Hi guys

    Im Asian light and brown eyes, i have blackish hair and i would like to get this haircut i am 14 and i got my fringe cut off. do any off you know how long it would take, Add me on msn for a comment cause ill probly forget i commented lol. Girls yu knw more about hair soo.
    im a boy :L



  • i really want dis haircut. im 12 i hav kinda thik blak hair i also hav bangs dat reach the top of my eyes but the problem is that they curl @ the end. wat do i do jus straightin my hair? kuz my mom or dad wont buy me that hair stuff but i gt hairspray a straightining ironing thing and bed head gel. and im doin this MYSELF so quik reply tips help n suggestions would b REALLY HELPFUL.


  • Well, if you're 12 with black hair, this look mite be good. i'm gonna get this look tomoro. I'm sure alot of straighening is needed with possibly hairspray.

  • Well I got my haircut like this (referring to the second pic style) and so far the best product I've used has been American Crew Fiber, I've heard someone say they've used Garnier Surf hair to get a similar look, which I happen to already own but I haven't tried it.. and probably wont as the fiber seems to work well, I think the best thing and it's the complete opposite of what someone above said is to have your hair be DRY not wet or damp, If it's wet or damp then it just comes out flat and stupid looking.

    My best results have always been with dry hair to just take little bit of the fiber at a time on my finger tips and piece around my hair till I eventually get that look, I usually don't put as much on the bangs or they end up looking producty… and I don't use hairspray or anything to hold it in place, not that you couldn't. I just don't prefer it.

  • I have kind of thick hair but pretty straight and it is about as long as the pictures maybe just a tad shorter. Would this work if I brought the picture to my hair dresser person and told her to thin it out and texture it with a razor. Would the style work you think? I also have like the exact same head shape as him, lol. If that would make any difference.

  • My hair is straight but i think rather thick? Im not sure if i'll have to tell the stylist to thin my hair? Should i? Im still growing my hair. So i'll just have to tell the stylist to texturize my hair with razor and to get me side swept bang? Touseling of the hair can be done by myself with wax or do i have to get them to get that effect through cutting ?

    Which is a better option? Wax, Pomade or Gel ?

    And after which i'll have to hairspray it to hold the shape right?

  • Hey Guys ! I just went to the hairdresser and brought the pic with me but the prob is, I can't style the hair. Can you guys help me out by giving me instructions to get this hairstyle ? I have wax and gel.

    Thanks 🙂 🙂

  • Would the girls please leave this site??? Can they not see it’s MEN ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi,

    so it took me about 3 tries with different hairdressers to finally get this cut. The problem is the styling like some others also mentioned above. I’ve been using American Fiber. So here is how I’ve been doing it:

    After a shower, I dry my hair with a towel and then I use a hair dryer while directing my hair to the right shape. Then I use American Fiber to style my hair like the above hairstyle. This works more or less good and I always end up with the right style in my opinion but the PROBLEM is, that the style by far doesn’t hold the day. Especially in windy situations all gets messed up and the style is more or less gone. It does not look bad then but the style goes away.

    Do I have to use another product or do I have to use the product differently ? Also do I have to use hairspray to get the hold? I’ve tried hairspray but it ended up very shiny and wierd, artificial but I want it like Chace natural looking but strong.

    If anyone could help, I would be glad.
    Sorry for my maybe wierd english but I’m German.

  • Hey guys, I have had this hair style for a while and found that it’s good to use a powder product first. Nak – Dust It or Schwazkoft Osis each have a powder based product you dust into your hair first. It makes the hair coarser and holds the style better.

    My routine is normally: towel dry my hair (I don’t use a hairdryer because I don’t own one and it also wrecks my hair because it’s very fine). Then either put some of the powder product into the palm of your hand and slowly work your way around making sure to get the powder to the roots of your hair. It takes some practice and working out your own way of putting it on, it’s just trial and error. Then I use only a small amount of product on the parts that need to be styled and try to avoid putting too much product in my hair. The best part is that if you don’t use too much fibre/gel/wax, if the style goes flat all you need to do is just run your fingers through and style it again. Alternatively, you can use hair spray to hold it in place.

    I have really fine straight hair so that is the sort of process I use to get the style right. By fine hair I mean that the strands of hair are quite thin and smooth. I find that a fibre works best because it stays matt and doesn’t look wet or oily like wax or gel can. If there’s any guys out there like me with fine hair and used wax before, you’ll know it just looks like it hasn’t been washed in about a fortnight.

    I hope I’ve been able to help anyone who is trying to get the styling right. It has taken me more than a few haircuts for my hairdresser to get this right and for me to get the styling process right too. But it’s an awesome cut that can be either casual or dressy and once you get the styling process down it’s a pretty low maintenance cut. I spend less than 2 minutes doing my hair.

    Anyway guys,

    Good Luck!!!

  • Hey, I just wanted anyone to know that meanwhile I solved the problem that the style did not hold in place over the day.
    So it turned out I just used the wrong hairspray to fix it. Now I tried another hairspray from my hairdresser and everything is fine now, it holds the whole day and does not look artificial or shiny like I described above with the other product.
    Also, like the guy from above this post wrote, it takes some time to get used to the procedure and to get the styling right. Actually, I change little things once in a while. I am very happy with this hairstyle and you can change some things without having a totally different style. For example, you can style the top of your hair when you want more volume and to get a more messed up look.

    Good luck anyone who wants to have that style.

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