Salon Kits: 7 Must-Have Barbershop Tools

Some men are not comfortable going to a salon to have their hair styled. Others choose a style that is very basic and does not require much more than the proper cut to produce and maintain. For these men, a barbershop is the best place to go for their hair cuts.

The barbershop must have the important tools & equipment to accommodate haircuts demand. Whether you are a barbershop owner or someone who want to open a barbershop, make sure you have the basic, important tools. Let’s take a look at seven most used barber shop tools that might be used to produce men’s hairstyles:

1. Electric Clipper

One of the first tools one is likely to notice is the electric clippers. These feature razor sharp blades that work back and forth in a shearing action that is safe to the skin, but very effective at cutting the hair. Some have a vacuum attached that catches the loose hair and pull it away to a central collection site. Most do not.

Professional barber clippers have adjustable blades that allow for setting up different cut lengths. This is in place of the guards that are often sold with models for home use.

2. Scissor

Barbers also tend to keep two different types of scissors on hand. One is a very sharp pair of shears that are used with a comb or with the fingers to cut the hair at the length chosen by the barber. The other is a pair of thinning shears that are used to cut approximately half the hair that passes through them to make volume of hair thinner.

3. Straight Razor

The other major tool that will be seen in most shops is a straight razor. This is used by the barber to clean the back of the neck in most cases. It may also be used to cut the hair in such a manner that it creates some added texture. This method can add volume to the hair, the opposite of the effect of using thinning shears.

4. Chair

All barber shops include the famous chair. Barber chairs are adjustable in many different ways. The most important is the height adjustment that allows the barber to bring the client to the height that is most comfortable for him to work. The chair also swivels so that the client can be turned to face a mirror after the cut is completed so that he can see the results.

These chairs also recline so that the barber can reach the face and neck to administer a shave with the straight razor. This can provide a closer shave than can be achieved at home no matter what sort of safety razor or disposable the client normally uses.

Attached to the side of the chair is usually a leather strop that is used to refresh the edge on the razor before it is used. This assures maximum safety for the client and the closest shave possible. A slightly dull razor can cause serious injury in a very short time while one with the sharpest possible edge is usually safer if used properly.

5. Hair Comb

The hair comb used by barbers differs from the majority of those used at home. This comb is about twelve inches long and has long coarse teeth on one end closing up to very fine, short teeth on the other. The barber is skilled in using this comb to gauge the length of the hair so that he can get an accurate cut. He simply pulls the hair up from the head with comb and cuts it the length he desires.

6. Mirror

One of the most obvious barber shop tools is the mirror that hangs on the wall. This allows the barber to show his client what his chosen cut and style will look like before he ever leaves the shop. This provides the client with an opportunity to complain and/or request something different be done while still in the chair. He may also make comments about the cut or tell the barber his opinion when he sees himself in the mirror.

7. Cape

One of the most common barber shop tools that is very easy to overlook is the cape that is draped over clients during their haircut. This provides protection from the loose hair and keeps it off one’s clothing and body. This helps to keep the client from itching until he can take a shower.

Together, these tools of the trade allow a barber to provide a neat, clean appearance to men as they cut and style the hair. Most barber can give any man a conservative style that is classic and acceptable in any setting.



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