The Coolest Military Hairbrushes for Men

A military hairbrush is particularly appropriate for short hair. It smooths the hair at the same time as it massages the scalp. Removal of debris from the hair is made easier.

If you have been confused about the design of a military brush, the information here can explain the major differences between a standard brush and one known as a military-type implement.

Simply put, the shape of the implement is the defining characteristic between the two types of brush. The military brush has no handle. It fits into the palm of the man’s hand and usually has a groove around the perimeter of the back to make it easy to grip.



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The backing of the military brush can be varied, In many instances, the owner is looking for something that will be long-lasting. The device might be part of a set given as a nice gift and intended to last for many years. A backing made of an attractive hardwood is a popular choice.

Some products are made with the bristles attached to a metal backing. In terms of a long life, this may be the most significant. A metal backing won’t wear out from handling.

It may lose bristles over time, but will still be usable for a lifetime. A metal back is unlikely to absorb oils from the skin or strands. It would collect stains and bacteria from normal usage.

A synthetic base on the implement is another type available for military men’s brush. The synthetic backing types tend to be cheaper than wood. They are also lighter in weight. If you have a youngster who tends to lose items, this might be a good choice. Synthetic brushes are easy to clean and replace.


Types of Bristles on the Brushes

Types of Bristles on the Military Brushes

There are three major types of bristles on the military brushes, as on other brushes. The natural bristles are one type (e.g. Kent Men’s Military Bristle Brush). These can be of various levels of quality.

The bristles are the stiff hairs or whiskers from a boar. The untrimmed bristles have an end that is naturally split or splayed. The well-crafted implement is likely to last for a lifetime and may even be handed down from father to son.

This type of tool helps to massage the scalp at the same time as it removes dead skin and loose hairs. Other common bristle hairbrush types are synthetic material and metal.

Synthetic brushes are typically found in less expensive brushes. While they will do the job, they tend to be less durable and can scratch or pull the strands if they get worn.

Some types of bristles are made of metal. These are often used for animal grooming. When choosing a brush for long-lasting effectiveness, look for one that is made of bristle, and is the right size to fit the hand comfortably.

The tool should feel almost like an extension of the palm so that a few strokes of the brush over the entire head in the direction of the hair growth will lead to a well-groomed look. Obviously, this type of tool is less effective on the long hairstyle.

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