Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut

Buzz cut style from Wentworth MillerWentworth Miller’s Buzz haircut.

Wentworth Miller (born on June 2nd, 1972 in England) is an American television and film actor best known as “Michael Scofield” on the Fox Network television series Prison Break.
Wentworth Miller hairstyleWentworth Miller with a nicely shaped skull.

Miller’s hair is clipper cut short all over the head to a uniform length. His buzz cut reveals his proportional head shape. So, if you want to get this style, make sure you have a proportional shaped head without any scars on the scalp before you shear the hair very closely to the scalp.

11 thoughts on “Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut”

  1. Its a number 1 clipper guard but its actually grown for a few days after it. my guess, because he has to maintain this look on tv , there must have a 1+1/2 or something guard. i use a number 1 but its slightly shorter then his, like i said before, looks like a number 1 but after 2-3 days.

  2. you really do have to have a certain shaped head to do this. i shaved my hair down this low n it didn’t look right. be careful!

  3. The reason his looks good is because he has naturally curly hair (see him in buffy). when cut this short, it doesnt look like a hedgehog but instead looks soft and flat. If you have straight hair, cutting it this short will give you the the short spikey look. But if you have curly hair (like north african arabs do), you can achieve the schofield look. Figures as he has lebanese blood in him!

  4. How do you get the frount bit of his hair like the bit that dips down?

    i dont think u can get that..it comes from inheritance..itz called a widows peak i think cuz i have it 2..i like diz guys hair 2 looks badass on him ill proably get it but i have staright so it wont look as good as his


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